An Introduction To Different Types Of Industrial Cameras

Most of us are acquainted with the everyday smartphone or device camera that we use to take our pictures, and many of us are even acquainted with the high-tech digital cameras that photographers use to capture special moments at events and celebrations. Cameras have done a lot to improve our daily lives, from surveillance and security to entertainment.

It’s not surprising that in the business world, cameras also play an important role. Machine vision systems are a critical component, alongside industrial PCs, in the manufacture and design of our products.

An introduction to industrial cameras

If you aren’t already aware, industrial cameras are a type of heavy-duty, durable camera that is used in many different fields, from research to manufacturing and more. They are an essential component of machine vision systems and help automate various different functions. Without industrial cameras, monitoring, quality control, and other fields will still be done manually.

Looking for an industrial camera that suits your purpose? Here are three types of industrial cameras that might suit your purposes.

Line scan cameras

Most cameras capture images in a single frame, over a wide area. Line scan cameras, meanwhile, capture images pixel by pixel or line by line. So they’re great for capturing images of extremely tiny or overlong objects.

Thermal cameras

Like the name implies, thermal cameras can sense heat or how hot an object is. They’re used extensively for research purposes and other tasks that require visualisation of temperatures.

Industrial 3D cameras

An industrial 3D camera is highly useful on the production floor. They have the ability to visualise images with depth, almost like a human with binocular vision.

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