Beretta Shotguns


Beretta is not only one of the world’s oldest gunmakers, but also one of the oldest businesses still operating today. It has been owned and run by the same family in Italy for 15 generations. This makes it the oldest industrial dynasty still in existence. Beretta have made weapons for famous figures throughout history, from Napoleon to Churchill. Records show that they have been manufacturing firearms since 1526. However, the Beretta family history indicates the company was actually founded in the 1400’s. With such a long and rich history, it is no wonder Beretta shotguns are among the best in the world.

Beretta today

Today, Beretta operate in several countries worldwide. Their headquarters are now based in the U.S, where their largest market is located. Beretta shotguns form a significant portion of their sales due to their versatility in different shooting scenarios. Their shotguns are designed and manufactured for various activities including, game-shooting, wildfowling, target-shooting, and clay pigeon shooting. There is also a line of tactical Beretta shotguns that are marketed predominantly to the military and law enforcement agencies. Currently, Beretta produce around 1500 weapons per day. Each one is made to the highest standards of quality, using the most up-to-date design and manufacturing techniques.

Owning a Beretta

Bestowed with the prestige of being crafted by a company with such a prolific and enduring reputation, Beretta shotguns enjoy a certain level of reverence from all in the shooting community. Whether it is one of their entry-level models, or a hand-crafted piece, adorned with intricate gold inlays, a Beretta shotgun conveys master craftsmanship, accuracy, and deadly elegance. If you want to own one of these masterpieces, you can buy you very own Beretta shotgun at Solware. They can supply any Beretta shotgun available in the U.K. if you contact them through their website.