Expert Tips for Staining a Deck

Plan For The Project Ahead Of Time

Applying an outdoor stain and sealer to a deck can be very tricky if individuals do not plan ahead. One of the most important things is to check the forecast in order to locate the perfect time frame where there will not be any amount of rain for several days. In order to properly apply stain to a deck the surface requires the wood to be completely dry and remain dry for several following days after application. This allows the wood to naturally absorb as much stain as possible. The best temperature is between 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 90 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also recommended to stain a deck when there is a slight overcast. Due to the intensity of direct sunlight, the stain has the potential to dry quickly before the wood has a chance to absorb the color fully.

Preparation Is Key To Success

A deck can be easily cleaned; however, it can also be very time consuming. Individuals will need to ensure they remove all dirt and old stains from the wood. If the wood has started to splinter, those areas will also need to be addressed. This process can be done by sanding and removing any dust particles. There will also need to be thorough cleaning in between each deck board to ensure a clean surface prior to staining. Power washing would also be a great option to ensure the deck is cleaned thoroughly, but the deck will need several days for the wood to completely try out before proceeding. It is extremely important to note if an individual deck was built prior to 2004. If the deck was built before 2004, the deck will most likely need a professional in order to properly and safely remove dirt, debris, and old stain. This is because wood used prior to 2004 most deck lumber was treated with chromated copper arsenate, or CCA, in order to fight damage from insects and or rot.

Utilizing The Correct Tools For Best Results

Once the deck surface area has been cleaned and dried properly; it is now ready for the staining process. The best brush options for stain application would be a synthetic brush. This allows for a smooth finish on the deck. A roller can also be a great application option versus the traditional brush. During the application process be sure that the stain is applied in thin coats for the best results.

Choosing The Correct Stain

There are several different options when selecting a new outdoor stain and sealer for a deck. The best option is to choose a stain that is complementary to the type of wood and stain that was previously on your deck. Different types of stain will react differently to the wood therefore it is always best to consult with a specialist if individuals need further guidance in the selection process. There are countless color variations of stain out on the market.

Step Back And Prepare To Enjoy

Outdoor stain and sealer has the ability to put life back into an older deck instead of having to build a whole new one. The process can be long but when done properly, individuals will be able to admire their new deck space for years to come. Individuals should remember to find the perfect time, use the appropriate tools, and match the stain to their wood type.