Fitness apps which you need on your smartphone right away!

Fitness is the key to a healthy life. Physical and mental both kind of fitness is important for long and enjoyable life and also it keeps on changing as we change our lifestyle like sleeping and eating habits because of so many reasons like work, stress etc. Due to which a person is unable to keep track of their fitness activities that lead to unhealthy eating sleeping habits etc. For these developers have developed so many fitness tracker apps that are making people life easier and healthier.

There are a few fitness apps details a mentioned for providing the best facilities to our fitness freaks and one can download these fitness apps from third party play store like 9apps.

Runtastic Running Distance and Fitness Tracker

It is an awesome fitness tracker app that uses GPS to track your fitness activities like running, jogging, cycling, walking etc. Through tracked information, detailed graphs and tables are used for showing user’s progress. It provides voice coach, tracking and setting goals.

Google Fit-Fitness Tracking

Google Fit is an outstanding workout tracker app developed by Google. It uses sensors in a user’s machine to track a user’s fitness activities. This app records speed, pace, route, elevation etc. and also shows real-time stats of your fitness activities. One can also set goals, time, distance, calories burn, steps etc. This app is perfect for a home workout.

Nike Training Club- Workouts and Fitness Plans

This app is an excellent workout tracker app that is free of cost and ads. It consists of so many free workouts that focus on strength, endurance and mobility and have three levels of difficulties. This app has so many workouts designed for your specific body parts. This app can also be streamed on Television using Apple TV, Chromecast, or an HDMI cable.

Runkeeper- GPS Track Run Walk

Runkeeper is an outstanding fitness tracker app that consists of so many features to track user’s running pace, cycling speed, route distance, steps count, and calorie burn etc. with high accuracy using GPS enabled mobile phones. One can see the history of activities and can also set their own goals with audio coaching.

Map My Fitness Workout trainer

This fitness tracker app tracks all workouts and gives feedback to improve your performance. It keeps track of so many fitness activities like cycling, running, walking, yoga, cross-training, gym etc. One can also use an audio feedback feature on every GPS enabled tracking machine. This app is free of any app purchases charge and for avoiding ads in-app one can take premium member plan.

So, these are some excellent fitness apps that can be easily available on 9apps.On 9apps, it is so easy to find apps of your own interest as there is a different kind of apps available like a gaming app, fitness app etc. 9apps is generally compatible for any Android device whether it is a smartphone, tablet or anything else. No need to go anywhere else in search of best fitness apps, one can download these fitness apps from third party play store like 9apps free of any app purchases.