Gas mask pipe introduction

Are you unaware of the gas mask water pipes? Don’t you know the great use of these great pipes? If yes, then stick around here because I will unveil some interesting uses and working of this gas mask bong.

The gas mask pipe is usually the long regular bong containing the glass mouthpiece that goes into the gas mask. It is specially developed for the smoke apparatus. It contains a hole to fix the water pipe into it.

So there’re other two holes as well that help you determine your bowl. Thus this helps you to see where to put on the light and burn the herb. It is fun to smoke with the gas water pipes because you can smoke the fill-up inside your mask.

Variety of Gas mask

The style and size is designed depending upon personal preferences and suitability. These gas mask water pipes are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Some contain the design of superheroes, while others are based on simple wartime masks.

Why should you use a gas mask?

There’re several reasons, but here I’ll tell you some important ones. So let’s have a look at these:

No hit escape

So let me tell you the first and amazing reason for using this gas mask bong: these masks come with adjustable head straps. Thus these head traps comfortably fit into your head sizes. Therefore, while smoking, not even a small amount of hit get out the gas mask.

Fun to use

Vaping is fun but to exaggerate the fun, these gas mask pipes come with funky designs and styles. Thus you can feel partying and eradicate any worry for a while. So with these masks, you can have a lot of fun.

Zero waste

As I mentioned above that these masks fit perfectly in your head; thus, no-hit gets wasted. You can enjoy the desirable flavor and amount. Thus you can save your money and perfect hits as long as you want.

Perfect material

These gas masks come up with water pipes, so these pipes are made up of acrylic material, and that material perfectly fits into your gas mask.

 Adjustable down-stem

So talking about the gas mask water pipes, you’ll be glad to hear that these masks have adjustable down-stem. Thus it can easily remove the bowl by screwing it off.

Cool colors and styles

These gas masks offer a variety of colors and styles depending upon personal choices and preferences. So you can choose whatever style or color you like.

How to use a gas mask bong?

The use of the gas mask is very simple and easy. So follow these points to have the proper use:

  • First of all, simply take out the strap and fit the mask into your head
  • You can adjust the strap according to your head size for comfortability
  • Now take the mouthpiece or the end of the chamber of the water pipe
  • Fit the mouthpiece into the opening of the gas mask pipe
  • So add some dry herbs to the bowl
  • Thus flame it with your lighter
  • Now take a big hit and fill up the smoke
  • Now you can enjoy the better sesh and flavors!

Gas mask water pipe specifications

Size 8.5 inches
Material Acrylic
Style Gas mask (varies)
Color Assorted
Adjustability Excellent

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1-      Is there any safety for eyes is available in the gas mask bong?

Yes, for sure, these gas mask pipes contain head coverings, which are made up of plastic material. Thus these plastic coverings protect your eyes.

2-      Why is there a carb hole in the gas mask?

The carb hole is present to give your better hits and flavor on each sesh. In addition, this hole in the back enhances the smoke intensity inside the mask.

3-      What is new in gas mask bong?

So have you seen the latest version of these gas masks? If not, then you should because it comes with these updated features:

  • ‰   Ventilation holes
  • ‰   12 inches height
  • ‰   Real gas mask and rubber bong
  • ‰   Variety of colors

Wrap up

That’s all about the gas mask water pipe. I hope that you liked the efforts that I put into describing every detail about these incredible masks. So if you’ve now become aware of these useful masks, then do check out the features like ventilation holes, acrylic pipe, brilliant hits, better flavors, zero waste, adjustable style, and much more!

These gas masks have brought great evolution in the smoke industry. Thus try it out once to enjoy the smoke party. You can shop it from the online store as well, hence select your favorite one and enjoy!