Hearing Loss & What To Look For In An Audiologist in SG 

Hearing loss can happen to anyone. However, most adults are much more prone to experience this condition than younger ones. It can be a daunting disability that impacts self-confidence and relationships. Hearing loss can also affect one’s physical and mental health. Knowing how to take charge and ask for assistance is a long journey towards engaging with this growing health challenge. Therefore, many took the opportunity to visit their local audiologist in Singapore or invest in hearing aids to help relieve and treat the problem.

The Difficulty Of Experiencing Hearing Loss

Many adults and seniors affected by this disability become depressed. They often tend to withdraw from others because of the frustration and confusion of not understanding what they communicate. The world around you goes silent. It is a barrier when you don’t hear well. Hearing problems that get untreated may get worse over time. According to a study published by the National Library of Medicine, older adults with hearing loss are at greater risk of developing dementia than others with normal hearing.

Many people don’t realise that they are experiencing such a problem. If you are experiencing these signs, you might consider seeing a local doctor or audiologist for diagnosis and treatment. Here are the signs to look out for:

– Needing to watch television too loud for others

– Often asks others to repeat themselves

– Speaks abnormally loud or too quiet for other people

– Unable to understand when someone is speaking to you

– Greater difficulty following conversations when people are talking

– Trouble hearing in a noisy environment

One should consider a medical emergency if there is an experience of sudden hearing loss or rapid loss of hearing. See a doctor immediately for diagnosis. Hearing loss can happen for a number of reasons, but the most common ones are:

– Natural Ageing

– Long-term Exposure to Loud Noise

– Underlying Illness

– Medication Effect

– Physical Injury

– Heredity / Congenital

What To Consider When Selecting An Audiologist

Seeing an audiologist provides proper treatment when you suspect you may have hearing loss. These types of doctors can give accurate diagnoses than taking an online hearing test. Thus, a regular visit to a doctor for screenings can protect your hearing and prevent future hearing-related illnesses for a lifetime. Nevertheless, you need to be aware of what you should consider first to choose the most suitable audiologist in your local area.

Here are a number of things you should consider when seeking an audiologist:

Experience and Qualifications

Academic qualifications and training certificates are a requirement when practising audiology, including experience. A professional audiologist possesses a background and history in studying and working for a degree from a reputable or well-known institution. Those who have undergone this training and completed their degree in audiology can perform diagnosis, evaluation, treatment and managing hearing and balance disorders.

Caring and Empathic Nature

Hearing loss in Singapore can be a common problem for many older adults who are in need of support throughout. An audiologist is not just a mere doctor. They should also be patients’ friends on whom they can rely and depend. These doctors are ought to make a real difference in dealing with hearing and balance health issues with honesty and empathy with the ability to listen to others and give their time to support and assist patients.

Patient Testimonials & Referrals

An easy way to learn more about a local audiologist is to discover what other people will say about the doctor. Evaluating patient reviews and testimonials will help you understand the process and outcome of their own treatment. If the hearing doctor is qualified, you may also receive a referral from a specialist as a sign of proper recommendation for your needs.

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