How the cheating techniques became a part of poker?

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Poker players have a tendency to win the game at any cost. For this reason, they even lie to their players which they call bluff. But these cheating techniques are an integral part of the game. This is the reason why there is a whole industry that is working with devising new ideas of cheating in games of poker. The very basic idea of cheating originated from the concept of using marked cards in the game. There are different types of marked cards available in the market some are basic whereas some are more sophisticated. The basic ones have physical markings on them in some form which is noticeable with naked eye. On the other hand, the high end marked cards need more sophisticated devices in order to notice the difference. However there are different types of marked cards in the sophisticated genre as well.

What are the sophisticated marked cards and how are they used?

The high end sophisticated marked cards use invisible ink to mark the cards. This invisible ink is not visible to the naked eye rather it is visible to certain infrared lenses. Luminous Ink Contact is one of the major technologies that are being used in these cheating techniques as well. There are also some analyzing devices out there which may also be needed in case the cards are marked with special types of barcodes. In this way with the help of these cheating devices the game of poker becomes an easy game. Anyone with the help of these devices can win a game of poker at any point in time.

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