How to repair a broken marble?

As known to everybody, marble is a very strong material. However, it breaks too. A piece of marble will break because of too much pressure when a heavy object is dropped onto the surface of the marble. These events can cause a crack or chip on the surface of the marble. A broken marble will not go useless. You can stick them back using marble adhesives. There is a special glue that is designed to use on stones and marble. It will give a strong bond which is difficult to break again. When you use it to make the broken pieces of the marble together, it is important to fix them to the other piece at the right place. Suppose if you fix it wrongly, it is very hard to lose it again and repair it. You can get this product from a hardware store.

Step 1

The initial step is to clean all the broken marble pieces with a soft cloth. The soft cloth has to be dipped in denatured alcohol. Apart from this, the broken pieces of the stone should also be rinsed with clean water. Little Acetone can be poured on to the marble and remove any finishes or coatings. Using a soft cloth the Acetone has to be wiped away. After this, the marble must be left overnight to dry.

Step 2

In the second step, one part of it must be mixed with the other part of the hardener or catalyst. If at all you find these directions contradicting the package directions, use the directions which are mentioned in the package. Only the method mentioned in the package will ensure safety and best results. Until you are ready to apply the Glue, do not mix the two materials. The above instruction is important because the mixed glue will immediately harden. Make sure you follow this method strictly so that you can avoid the marble adhesive becoming unusable.

Step 3

You have to fill the missing places. Find out the matching fillers for the missing chunk. You can gather the dust that was left after the break. If you do not find enough you can take the sample of your marble to a stone supplier to find some matching shade. Make sure you have all the necessary pieces to be filled in the broken chunks.

Step 4

You have to spread the Glue on both the marble pieces with the help of a popsicle stick. Confirm that the glue spreads evenly thickness of about 1/ 8 of an inch on every piece.

Step 5

Soon after you complete the third step, joined the broken pieces of the marble together with a firm grip. If at all the repairing area is a small area, then we lay the repair area with the heavy break or another object for support. Then you can wipe away the glue which leaks from the broken area of the marble with a damp cloth.

Step 6

Do not disturb this for about 24 hours. After a complete 24 hours use a Sandpaper to take away the existing marble adhesive that is stuck around the repair area. Later wipe the marble with a soft cloth.