Know the correct steak temperature

Whenever you visit a restaurant, and order a steak, the first question you will come across is ‘How would you like your steak?’ While you may be baffled at first, but it is a natural one. Irrespective of where you are eating, you are bound to come across this question. The perfect temperature and doneness has an important role to play in determining steak.

There are several kinds of steak present at Rib N Reef, each with a different flavour and taste. With different cuts available, you may be open to a variety of choices. Whenever you are cooking steak, it is extremely necessary to put in all effort. Ageing and efforts play an important role in cooking the perfect, juicy steak.

Cooking steak in the right temperature and with right flavours can contribute a lot towards boosting the flavors. Some of the perfect steak temperatures one should be aware of for cooking delicious steak include the following

  • Rare

Any carnivore would simply like to feed on steak that is rarely cooked. An uncooked steak with the raw flavour is sure to make you want to savour this delicacy. In case of a rarely cooked steak, the center will be slightly reddish while the exterior will be browned and chatted. While cooking rare steak, it is necessary to maintain the internal temperature around 125°F.

  • Medium Well

Not everyone likes their steak rare and uncooked. This, for people like these, medium well cooked is the perfect option to try. The medium well cooked steak has a pinkish tone in the center. The main fact about medium well cooked steak is that it does not increase the risk of overcooking and there is no risk of burning as well. The ideal temperature required for cooking medium well cooked steak is 150°F.

  • Medium Rare

Often chefs have considered medium rare cooked steak as the perfect one. This is often because the doneness level in this is maintained. In case of medium rarely cooked steak mean, the center’s colour often varies from pinkish to reddish tone. Since it is grilled, the exteriors have grilled marking. Also, the temperature is thoroughly maintained at 145°F.

  • Well Done

As the name suggests, this has to be the best kind of cooked meat. If you like your steak flavourful and hard, then this is the best option to try. In case of a well done steak, the exteriors aren’t charred. Also, the internal temperature is maintained around 160°F.