Long Range Shooting Accessories – Expert Tips

Long-range shooting is fun and equipment-intensive, especially if you want to improve your expertise. When you begin, a wealth of equipment that can help make a shot of 1000 yards or more seem daunting, particularly if you don’t recognize what you actually need or have a limited budget.

During this time I got a solid idea of what equipment it needs to be exact right with this type of shooting and save good money.

Shooting calculator

Technically, you don’t need a ballistic or shooting calculator. That means you totally need a ballistic calculator and there’s no reason to have it.

If you’re going to shoot in the last 400 yards, there’s a lot of data you have to consider to accurately forecast how your shot will be. There’s wind resistance, bullet ballistic coefficient, bullet weight and speed, wind direction and speed, other factors that change the air density (air pressure, temperature, humidity), and when you get around 1000 yards, you’ve things, such as, spin drift and Earth rotation.

Notebook / Dope card

Consistency is important to long-range shooting accuracy and you cannot be stable without DOPE recording. Previous intervention data is a method to keep track what the rifle and ammunition is doing at a particular distance and under what condition.

The good way I have noticed it in the shooting field is a weatherproof notebook, and then when I’m back or trying to do more with a DOPE book, things will be at your fingertips. This allows you to check wherever the rifle hits your chosen ammunition under certain conditions. Calculators are fine and good, however, if something is not correct they cannot tell you when you did a mistake.

Speed loaders

It is a handy shooting gadget. The speed loaders make magazine refilling easy and fast.


When you learn to shoot the object at very longer distance, there’s one aspect that is totally important: where the shot really hits.

Even if you don’t have any extra equipment or data available, when you can notice your blows, you can ultimately stick your shots to the target using a sustained lead reduction application and a good level of patience (or stubbornness).

Equally important, all long-range shooting equipment will not help unless you can figure out wherever your shots are affecting, and meanwhile the greatest feedback you are close to have from 1,000 yards is the lack of ping! When you miss the shot, the luck will figure out where the shot really went.