Mistakes to Avoid While Moving Your Car to Florida

Moving to Florida is fun and thrilling, but how to move your car can turn out to be challenging. The first thing to determine is to drive on your own or hire an auto shipping company. The drive is cross country, so can be time-consuming, expensive, and loaded with effort. Besides, the mileage can add up but by hiring a professional carrier the task will seem less daunting. Below are some mistakes to avoid.

Never ignore research

Google search can get you multiple interstate auto shipping companies, which indicate lots of requests and quotes to navigate through. However, you can narrow the list down. Besides, all the auto shipping firms serve the same goal, but the difference is in service quality, so never ignore the research factor. From FMCSA, you can check the potential shipper’s insurance record and license validity.

Calling the Department of Transportation, you can check the DOT number’s status, insurance, and licensing details. With a narrowed list, you can request quotes to ship a car to Florida. Many companies like Ship a Car, Inc. have their proprietary form, where you need to fill in the details like pickup & delivery zip code along with car & shipment details. Soon the team will get to you with a quote.

Understand the factors that influence the rates 

The rates of car shipping differ from one company to another. Get familiar with how the shipping companies prepare the quote. The rates will depend on the location distance between two destinations, vehicle size, and demand.

For example, big vehicles take more space in the carrier, heavy cars add weight to the cargo, so can add to a shipping rate. Even season matters because in winter the demand is low and you can get great deals [if time is not a problem].

If you get lower quotes, remember you will need to depend on the shipping company to deliver your car when their carriers get a full load. So, if you need your transport on time at the new destination expect to pay more.

Another preference that matters is the shipping carrier options – enclosed or open. The former protects your car from elements in the harsh season but comes with a significant price tag. The latter is popular and cheaper but for long-distance, shipping needs an enclosed carrier is a good option. You can nail the cost down in the winter season with an enclosed carrier option as it is a less busy season.

Missing documents

You will need to submit specific documents like car registration and insurance. It proves that the car belongs to you before the shipping company moves it. The trucker will also inspect your car before loading and write the inspection report.

You need to be physically present during the inspection while pickup and delivery. In case of damage during transit, write it on the loading slip and have the trucker sign it. It helps to claim from auto Transport Company’s insurance provider.

Have sufficient coverage

Interstate car transport means you will need sufficient vehicle coverage. Check the potential shipping company’s insurance coverage details to get an idea of how much is offered during transit. If it is insufficient then you can expect to pay more to the sipping company to increase it to get extra coverage from your personal insurance provider.

Car shipping company offers convenience!