Opportunities For Freelancers And Cities Offering License


Freelancing is one of the sought after careers in 21st century whether it is part time or full time. Nowadays, people feel the need to work from home rather than go to office because of some major reasons such as time, saves energy, decreased expenses, ease of doing work, comfort of home etc.

Opportunity of freelancing in Dubai

Many big MNCs and corporate have given the option of freelancing to employees keeping in mind the comfort of employees and employers as well. Thus freelancing has become very popular.  In countries such as USA 40 % of population is going to be freelancers by 2020 whereas in UK this number will rise to 50%. Different countries are also gearing up and among them one such county is Dubai (UAE) which is welcoming freelancers. It has realized the need for freelancers and taking steps to motivate and encourage the freelancers in their country by offering them freelance visa Dubai. In Dubai, there is a famous market place called as Nabbesh which offers freelancers to ask for work in the market place. There is freelance visa Dubai which basically means foreigners can come to Dubai and work as freelancers in a free zone. It also offers entrepreneur visa according to which foreigners can stay in Dubai without a proper job or business and can build relationship with clients through their freelancing work. A freelance visa Dubai can be obtained either by directly applying to the Department of Economic Development or Municipality where you are going to set up a business or you can apply to a free zone such as The Creative city of Fujairah. 

Cities offering freelance license

The Creative city of Fujairah offers cheapest freelance permit with various other benefits such as PRO services, P.O. Box etc. Many other cities such as Dubai Media City, Dubai Studio City, Dubai Deign district offers freelance visa Dubai. The freelancer licenses are offered for one years’ time after which it needs to be renewed. The freelancer license costs AED 14000 in the Creative City o Fujairah. Similarly in Ajman Free Zone the cost is AED 11000 and Two four 54 offers the license at AED 2500 only. 


Thus, getting a freelance visa Dubai can change a person life completely. He can sponsor his family members too. Dubai is growing at a high rate and it is estimated it will catch more pace in the years to come. Thus freelance permit can fulfil the middle man dreams of staying in Dubai and enjoying the same rights as citizens of Dubai.