Personalized Physical Exam

Healthcare in the United States typically relies upon cookie-cutter approaches to health conditions after they become problems. That means one treatment is used one many different people, with many different results. That is because the prevalence of drugs and medical equipment often lead healthcare providers to rely upon standardized treatments and medical procedures that are less than ideal for an individual. A personalized physical exam helps to determine your particular health condition and potential for treatment. When combined with a holistic medical approach, a more personalized health plan can give you better results without subjecting you to addictive drugs or invasive procedures. A personalized approach also often results in lower healthcare costs, as well as more effective healthcare.

How Modern Tools Help

Modern medical equipment provides a very high degree of measurement and analysis of various medical conditions. Urine samples, blood tests, and other examinations and provide very detailed information about a particular patient. Other modern medical tools also enable a high degree of detection and analysis that your doctors can use to determine your exact medical condition. While those diagnostic tools provide a great deal of information about particular patients; they subsequent healthcare often relies on a one-size-fits-all approach that falls short of providing the best possible care.

Holistic Medicine Embraces Traditional Arts

Many older cultures have traditional healing arts that have proven their worthiness and effectiveness over time. Alternative treatments, like massage, acupuncture, chiropractic, and dietary adjustments, provide holistic health tools that lead to more effective treatments. They also often help to prevent more serious health conditions, while also reducing the use and dependency upon various pharmaceutical drugs. Traditional medicine helps make healthcare more personal when used in conjunction with modern diagnostic tools and treatments.

Get the Best of Both Worlds

Dr. Habib offers personalized physical exam services that are effective and affordable. He combines time-honored holistic approaches with modern diagnostic medical tools to determine the best personal medicine for you. Many cultures have long-held healing arts and traditions that persevere for a very simple reason – they work. That is why many cultures emphasize particular diets and medical approaches that do not lead to drug dependency and other issues, like the recent opiate crises in the United States. Instead of using potentially addictive drugs to treat common ailments. Dr. Habib works with patients and uses modern medicine and traditional healing arts to give an effective personalized physical exam. The results help him to determine the best personal healthcare procedures.