The 3 Fun Films To Watch Of 2019 If You Miss Them

We will always love watching comedy movies in our life. Whoever the audience, wherever you are comedy films are our life. Our stress and rigid life would get relaxation only through comedy films that we watch. Telugu industry has produced many types of comedy films for many years. The old and new films are remarkably done by the actors, producers, and comedians who acted. A special interest was taken to design these films by these personalities. It is commonly said that comedy is a serious business and it is clear if we watch closely the movies of Telugu industry

The various comedians from old times to date are completely impeccably satisfying the customers. The incredible comedy wit of these celebrities has been making viewers very enjoyable and they come out of their houses to watch films in theaters. Watching these films online is also a special experience for these people without a second thought. There are many films in the Telugu industry that gained momentum in the box office due to the comedy genre. Many superhero films had fetched more revenue due to this comedy genre since the olden days. A superstar in any language does not miss comedy in his films.

F2 – Fun & Frustration is a Telugu romantic comedy film released in the year 2019. This film was directed by Anil and the music was scored by Devi Sri Prasad. The movie revolves around two heroes namely Venkatesh and Varun. The actors have incredibly done the film and the screenplay is awesome. The songs are good and lead the way for the film. Moreover, the comedy of the film does the magic for the entire crew. The revenue collection is astounding and the producer DilRaju has gained more popularity and money. Tamana and Mehreen have acted in this film and make it still laughable.

Venky Mama is a Telugu comedy film done by Venkatesh. This action drama film is acted by well experienced and technical people making it excellent in all aspects. The film has got all the departments viz direction, songs, cinematography, production, choreography in a well-versed way. The good running of the film earned a decent collection at the box office and also reputation. The film was directed by Ravindra and the music was scored by Thaman. The storyline is excellent and the screenplay is neatly done. The total running time of the film is 149 minutes and the film has gained women’s support too.

Husharu is a Telugu drama film made for the youth. The film was directed by Sri Harsha and produced by Venugopal. The film was released in the year 2018 and had a good run at the box office. The strong story and screenplay of this Telugu movie have fetched good revenue. The music directors of the film are Radhan, and Sunny M.R. The story revolves around four friends who are very close to each other. They spend life without any aim and wandering everywhere. The film has gained positive reviews gradually and has achieved success.

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