The Best Recommendation Beaches in Yogyakarta For You

Yogyakarta (Jogja) is blessed with a group of enchanting and exotic beaches which are unknown to many and waiting to be discovered! Here, you will find beaches that encourage daredevils in an ultimate beach-hopping experience to discover the most surreal and majestic shoreline.

But if you feel the shores here are as mainstream as those from Bali, you couldn’t be more incorrect. In Jogja, you don’t only get to relish blue waters, rocky landscapes and powdery sunburnt sand. There are other unique all-natural wonders such as one with its very own sunflower field or even better yet a beach waterfall! But this place is only for the adventurous – would you dare cross the bridge or jump onto the gondola to fight the waves?

Wedi Ombo Beach (2 hours from Jogja)

Always wished to take a relaxing dip in the ocean but end up becoming washed to and fro by the continuous waves? At the WediOmbo Beach at Gunungkidul, it is possible to soak peacefully in the saltwater as you see the sun sink in the horizon. Inspired by neatly stacked coral stones, you could even begin to believe that the lagoon at WediOmbo Beach is human made. Be cautious of the tide levels here though. High tides are seen to overflow into the lagoon, attracting its savage waves. In the worst-case scenario, the sudden burst of water makes a current strong enough to pull people towards the sea, possibly hitting coral stones and causing injuries.

Nguluran Beach Glass Terrace (1 hour 30 minute from Jogja)

This cliffside beach provides endless sea views which is sure to remind one of Bali’s iconic Uluwatu. But don’t expect it to become another typical cliffside shore as here you are ensured a special and exceptional quality that’s hard to find elsewhere around Indonesia. Presenting the one-and-only shore with a glass-floored terrace – Nguluran! Try to test your inner acrophobia by standing above the high sea and see the waves crash against the cliffs! Would you feel the adrenaline rush? Once there, you can even locate other quirky photograph spots like a giant chair on the edge of this cliff. And cycle rickshaws with wings! All these are just begging to be captured!

Timang Beach and The Cable Cart (2 hours from Jogja)

Everybody knows that the Gunungkidul Region is home to the many beautiful shores of Yogyakarta, including the Timang Beach. It displays a fulfilling sight of waves crashing into coral stone and cliffs. And that’s not all of it — if you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’ll love to try the cable cart. Visitors can test their courage by simply tapping onto Watu Panjang Island on a wooden ‘cable cart’ tied together on pulleys which aren’t created with the typical steel wires, but using cloth rope! Initially used as a method of transportation by local lobster fishers, people courageous enough to endure the dangerous waves may even bring back a lobster for lunch!

Before you reach, you might encounter several street signs pointing you to Timang Beach along the road. But do avoid following them because they direct you to scammers attempting to convince one to take the jeep to the beach by saying that the road conditions are too bad for automobiles, even although it’s ill for cars to drive. Utilize this unmarked street entry instead, and you’ll be able to go down a suitable street to the beach. Observing the road signs will direct you to a rocky road your automobile would be unable to drive through.

Pandansari Beach (1 hour from Jogja)

Sitting high and influential at more than 30 metres in height, the Pandansari Beach at Bantul is home to the one-and-only lighthouse at the region of Yogyakarta. However, in operation, visitors are permitted to accelerate its winding staircase throughout the daytime, to enjoy the beach view of the shore at seven storeys high. You won’t overlook the patches of glowing reddish looking down from the top of the lighthouse. Visitors can drift around the gardens and pick ripe dragon fruit right from the trees — it creates an extremely nutritional gift from Pandansari Beach! And do not miss the greyish sands. Spruce trees can be found to grow directly onto the fringes of this beach, and during the dry seasons between April and September. They shed most of their foliage, leaving behind a magnificent sight that reminds you of fall in Japan.

Banyu Tibo Beach (Almost 3 hour from Jogja)

This little corner of paradise feels like it’s worlds away from the hustle and bustle of town. But oh, you don’t need to overlook the waterfall by the shore as you’re there! In Banyu Tibo Beach, visitors will be left speechless by the wonder and miracle of Mother Nature because they get to enjoy the water cascading in the cliff down into the sand extent and further flowing into the ocean. The small waterfall winds its way to the sea through a rock crevasse. The waters are beautifully turquoise and therefore don’t overlook the picture-perfect views from the top of the cliff!

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