Things That Should Be Considered Before Doing A Christmas Shop Fundraiser

When you have decided to do a fundraiser, there are a number of fundraisers that can be done. It could be getting people to donate for the program or even running a Christmas shop fundraiser. The Christmas shop fundraiser is a smart way of raising money for whatever program you want to hold and teach kids about the benefits of giving.  School Holiday Shop is the best place to start.

Before you go into the Christmas shop fundraiser, there are some things that you should consider.

Buying things that kids like.

We have come across schools making the mistake of buying things that adults like. They forget that it is not what they like that matters, but what the kids like.

This is one mistake that some people make. They tend to forget that their clientele base is kids. Kids want what they want, and adults want what they want. For gifts that will be given to their classmates and friends, you need kid-friendly toys and gifts. For gifts that will be given to their older family members, you can get gifts that call them the World Best Parents’ or something like that.

Kids will want to buy gifts for those that they love, inscribe words that show that they love them on the gifts. Gifts that have words like, ‘Best Dad ever’, World best mum’, Awesome grandma’ and so on should be bought. Sometimes, kids may want to give their favorite teachers gifts, you can consider buying these too.

Buying enough gifts.

The number of gifts that should be bought should be based on how many people the kids intend to give gifts to. You can find this out by looking at the pockets of their parents. Where is the school located in? What is the financial level of the parents of the kids in the school? Are they low income, middle income, or the wealthy class? If it is a low-income school, you should consider stocking the shop with not so many gifts. If it caters to the high income, you can have a wide range of gifts. When fixing your markup, you also have to consider those that are in the school. What income range do their parents fall into?

Running enough ads

Before the buying season starts, you should start running ads. Don’t for a second, run the Christmas shop fundraiser without first running an ad. You need to let people know that you intend to do this on time. When you run ads on time, you let people know that they can volunteer. This allows them to clear up their schedule on time, and get involved in the process.

You need a lot of volunteers if this will work out well. Running ads on time allows kids to know that something like that will occur; hence, they can save on time. When kids know that they can buy gifts at their school for their loved ones, they start to save. Running ads on time convinces the kids why they should try out the giving tradition. The ads should be done to convince them.

The price range of the merchandise that would be bought. You should consider this too. What should be the price range of things that you put in the shop. This should also be dependent on the income range of the parents. Remember that kids do not have a source of income apart from their parents.

What will you do with remnants?

Some people, once they are done with the holiday shop, decide to keep the unsold gifts to use during school events. Others can box them up and send to us. You can decide whether you want us counting them or you doing the counting yourself. A lot of schools love the idea of us counting them. The truth remains that counting inventory is stress, and we are dedicated to removing the stress from your life.

How will you track the funds?

This is one question that you should ask yourself. How will you track the funds? How do you intend to know what was sold and unsold? This is stressful, and mistakes can be made. When mistakes are made, accusations about misappropriation can come up. This is why you need to be careful about the funds. We have decided to ensure that money can be tracked easily when you work with us. We offer you a free cash register app that tracks every sale.