Tips for finding homes for sale with a universal layout

As we age or become more involved in recreational activities, we put ourselves in situations where we can become handicapped or need to use durable medical equipment to get around. When this happens, we often don’t think about the ramifications this will have on our overall ability to get around even while at home.

Because of this, many homeowners and architects are designing homes or making updates to their current adobe to accommodate for these changes, should they occur.

As a new home buyer, you may not have thought about the benefits of purchasing or looking at homes for sale that have a universal layout and that would be a shame!

Here are 5 tips to look for as you are thinking of remodeling your current home or viewing current homes for sale in your area.

  1. Does the layout of the home provide a low physical effort option? If you become disabled or handicapped, you will want to have a home layout that gives you an option for low physical effort. The last thing you want to do is try to bend over in a wheelchair and fall without anyone else home to help you get back up. As you view homes for sale in your area, be sure to think about these unforeseen circumstances.
  2. Does the home provide a universal use design approach? Can anyone in this home use all the features regardless of their size or mobility? It never fails that some counters are really high, cupboards are not reachable, or toilets are very low to the ground. If this is the case, maybe this home is not for you.
  3. Does the home show a sign of tolerable error?  Do the appliances or other features in your home like a security system provide a way to cancel user error? This is something to look for so if you accidentally push the wrong button or use the wrong setting, your home doesn’t malfunction.
  4. Do space and size provide stability options? As you view homes for sale, you may not think about the future because you’re thinking about the right now. Instead, think about whether the space and size of the property is something you can grow in and live in for years to come. If you have kids graduating, for instance, you may not need to have that extra bedroom that will not be used.
  5. Does the design provide a layout that is inclusive of the 6-senses? Should you lose one of your 6-senses it would be nice to have a home that’s already set up to accommodate. While you don’t think of these things right away, it’s something you should consider.