What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of KIA KX5?

As we all know, the Kia has performed poorly in these two years, especially the KX series of the SUV model. We can always find them at the end of the monthly sales list. So what about Kia’s first model — SUV-KX5. What is the overall performance of this new car?

  • Advantages

First, the appearance is specially created for Chinese consumers

The KIA KX5 is a global model and its name in North America is Sportage. Although they are the same model, the version of the two countries has very big differences.

For the Chinese version of the 2019 KX5, it is changed into younger and more fashionable design. Among them, the taillight design is outstanding. With the upper part of the “S” type presented, and the lower part is the “X” type, the recognition at night is self-evident. In short, this design caters to the current design of younger. I believe it will get a lot of people’s attention.

Second, the interior design is layered

In addition to the appearance, the interior of the new KX5 also has a big change. The overall design is similar to that of many models in Hyundai and KIA. The large screen and air conditioning control area are worth mentioning. The 10.25-inch large screen uses a black background design, so the degree of integration is higher, visually it seems larger. The latter adopts a full-touch design, which improves the overall quality of the interior. It is necessary to know that in the same-level joint venture brand, such design is very rare. Of course, the full touch design has a certain sacrifice for blind operation.

Third, the car system is not a decoration

Compared with self-owned brands, most of the joint-venture brand car systems are only decorations. However, the KIA KX5’s car system has an interconnected system with Baidu’s deep cooperation. It can support Baidu CarPlay, QQ music, Baidu map and other functions, which greatly improves the convenience and entertainment of driving. Of course, the lack of Apple’s Car-play system is still a pity.

Fourth, the configuration is rich

In addition to the certain advantages in the design of the Korean car, the rich configuration is also a magic weapon to attract consumers. The car is equipped with electronic parking, front side airbags, tire pressure display, reversing radar/image, engine start and stop, automatic parking, uphill assist, key-less entry/starting, Multi-functional leather steering wheel, 10.25-inch large screen and LED light and near light, which basically meet the needs of most people.

Of course, you can also choose a higher level of the car. Then you can get more configurations: fixed speed cruise, sunroof, 7-inch LCD instrument (non-full size), main drive electric adjustment, automatic air conditioning and rear discharge The configuration of the air outlet, etc.

Fifth, the second row of seats support the backrest adjustment

The rear seats of the new KX5 have backrest adjustment function. It is a design that is rarely available in many current SUV. Its advantage is that when the trunk needs to be loaded with large items, it can be adjusted at any time. What’s more, the backrest angle of the KX5 is adjusted to a large extent, so different passengers can adjust their sitting posture according to their own needs.

Sixth, the engine meets the national VI emission standard

In the previous analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of Volkswagen’s new Sagitar, its engine emission standard is still the national V. But the new KX5meets the national VI emission standard. Therefore, consumers who look at this car do not need to worry about emissions.

  • Disadvantages

First, the door is not all-inclusive design

Whether the door is all-inclusive is a problem that many consumers ignore. If you do not use the all-inclusive design, the dust on the car will get to the trousers when you get off the bus.

There is a way to make your door more advanced– soft close car door. When your friend sitting in the co-pilot pulls the car off the door, you will hear a very loud “beep” sound. At this moment, you are worried not only about your little heart but also your love car. Whether the car’s door has been broken is a problem. If you often encounter such a situation, an electric suction door will help you to solve this problem.

Second, the USB interface is simply equipped

The new KX5 has only one USB port in the front row and an ordinary 12V power supply in the back row. Of course, it is okay to buy another USB interface, but it is undeniable that it is really simple in this part.

Third, the details are more general

Although the interior and configuration of the KX5 look good, it is more general in the details. For example, the interior materials and the resolution of panoramic images are relatively normal.

In summary, the new Kia KX5 gives consumers a higher appearance and interior design, and the configuration is rich. Although it is not well handled in some details, combining the price and other aspects, the overall is great.

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