What are The Best Benefits of Having Metal Photo Prints?

Pictures on metal last longer than life when taken care of. And, with this thought, we’d like to present to you a guide on metal photo prints – what are they and what are their benefits. Steer through to learn more!

What’s a Metal Photo Print?

Well, pictures can be printed on fabric and glass. And, similarly, they can be printed on metal. So, when they’re printed on aluminum, they’re known as metal photo prints, and their benefits – given below – are too good to ignore.

  1. They Offer Variation

Variety is the first thing that customers look for. And metal photo prints like the Big Acrylic metal photo prints are quite capable of living up-to the expectations in the crater of surprises. How? Well, they’re supposed to be matte, but, at big acrylic, they can be made glossy too. Find out the variety below.

Metal Photo Prints for Matte Look


  1. Brush Metal Photo Print
  2. White Metal Photo Print

The brushed look is an outcome of random white patches purposefully left in the picture.

The white metal prints, on the other hand, make use of strong contouring and vivid colors to give the picture crystal clear sharpness and high contrast ratio.

Metal Photo Prints in Gloss

  1. Brushed Metal + Gloss Varnish
  2. White Metal + Gloss Varnish
  1. They Offer Mounting Flexibility

To begin with, despite they’re made of metal, these photo prints are extremely lightweight. As a result, mounting them is fairly easy. The best ways to do so include the following.

  • Float mounting option
  • Metal box mounting option
  • Float Frame Option
  • Standoff Option
  1. They are Durable

There are a good number of reasons that make big acrylic metal prints durable. Some such reasons are listed below.

  • They’re printed on dibond. And, it’s not a secret that dibond is extremely strong.
  • The edges of the print are aluminum. So, the entire frame – dibond fabric and metal edges – is very strong.

Another factor that makes them durable is that aluminum can withstand harsh Climate.

Whether it’s too much rain, too much heat, too much moisture, or too much cold, dibond and aluminum remain unaffected by each one of them.

The colors in dibond:

  • Do not melt when exposed to heat.
  • Do not run when exposed to water.
  • To not dull out when there’s dust.

Besides, all you need to clean the frame is a moist cloth. All in all these are low maintenance photo prints that one must buy.