Where to Use Explosion Proof Thermostat & Other Devices

Just like an explosion proof indicator light used in commercial kitchens or manufacturing plants, an explosion proof thermostat can prevent debris from flying off the component if an explosion happens.

In reality, an explosion proof light switch, indicator light, thermostat or similar equipment may explode or combust at some point. When something is said to be explosion-proof, its debris will be contained inside the component when it explodes. Today, we will talk about the explosion proof thermostat and where you can use it.

What Makes an Explosion Proof Thermostat Distinct?

An explosion proof thermostat applies to heating and cooling equipment in risky areas. The thermostat, which controls motor starters, fans, coils, valves, contactors, and other components in heating or cooling systems, is required to be incredibly durable. Thus, the need for an explosion proof thermostat model.

The temperature-sensitive element is located on the exterior surface of the cover and activates the heavy-duty snap switch seen in many explosion proof thermostat models. A dependable, quick-acting, bimetal-detecting element is a key component of an excellent explosion proof thermostat. It should also not have exposed copper or brass components to minimise corrosion.

Where Do You Need an Explosion Proof Thermostat?

Looking at the ways explosion-proof materials are used in the field, you will have an idea where an explosion proof thermostat may come in handy. For one, explosion proof LED high bay lighting is used in ports, large warehouses, power plants and other places where hazards exist. The same applies to an explosion proof thermostat. It may be combined with an explosion proof indicator light to be used in laboratories. Also, it can be equipped with a machine that operates ruggedly.

Wondering whether you need an explosion proof thermostat for your operations? Here are some of itsknow applications:


Industrial air conditioners are designed to be heavy-duty. However, that doesn’t mean they are not susceptible to internal combustion or overheating. An explosion proof thermostat will allow you to keep the temperature in check while ensuring that should an explosion happen, the debris will not get mixed up inside the unit which may further affect the air conditioner’s performance.


Clean rooms and laboratories use an explosion proof indicator light as a signal when an operation is being conducted. You may also add an explosion proof thermostat to keep the room temperature at the desired level. It is especially convenient if you are working on temperature-sensitive experiments.


Manufacturing plants can make use of an explosion proof thermostat to detect the presence or absence of raw material within the production line. Since most raw materials emit heat and some are naturally cold, it will be easy to automatically detect the flow of materials using a thermostat. Using an explosion proof thermostat will also minimise the chance of a pollutant getting mixed up with your products.


Warehouses make use of explosion proof LED high bay lighting to illuminate the place at night. This way, should an explosion happen, the debris will not scatter on the floor or get mixed up with the parcels. It will be good to use an explosion proof thermostat in warehouses for a safe way to monitor the room temperature at all times.

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