5 Creative Indoor Uses of Artificial Grass

For a long time, artificial grass has been associated with immaculate lawns, golf and soccer fields, rooftop gardens and balconies, among other external uses. As artificial grass is available in a wide range of colors and textures, synthetic lawn installation can be done both on the outdoors and indoors.
Some of the creative indoor uses of artificial turf include:


Using artificial grass in place of conventional carpeting is a great way to accentuate natural elements such as hardwood and stone. Synthetic lawn installation can be done to create an inviting children’s toy room or play area. You can also use artificial grass in your home to create the perfect, sporty man cave.

Patios and porches

Whether you have a large or small patio or a porch, synthetic lawn installation is an easy and effective way of brightening up the outdoor space. Apart from withstanding the heavy use that such rooms face, artificial grass also adds an outdoorsy, warm, and fresh feel to the porch or patio.

Recreational areas in businesses

With more businesses embracing work-life balance, break rooms where employees take time to unwind are becoming quite popular. As green evokes feelings of growth, optimism, safety, and rejuvenation, you will notice a positive change in productivity as well as improved energy levels if you install artificial grass.
Businesses selling outdoor furniture will reap the benefits of showcasing them on artificial grass as potential clients get a real perspective of how they will look like on the outdoors.


Pieces of artificial grass can be cut and used to cover picnic tables and lawn furniture. While this look is common in business establishments such as hotels and restaurants, recreating it for your home is a great way of differentiating your outdoor space.

Artificial grass for dog kennels

Artificial grass is great for dog kennels both at home and in pet facilities. As the fibers look and feel like real grass, it is comfortable for your pets. Synthetic grass is able to withstand rough play even from larger dog breeds.

Benefits of using artificial turf on the indoors

Some of the reasons why artificial grass is great for the indoors include:

  •  It provides a natural appearance
  •  It is easy to clean and maintain
  • Artificial turf can be installed on virtually any surface
  • The slip-resistant surface makes it quite safe
  • It is recyclable
  • As it is non-toxic, it is harmless to your children and pets

Artificial turf has quite a number of uses, both indoors and outdoors, and how you decide to use it is only limited to your imagination and creativity. For a professional and quick synthetic lawn installation, contact ForeverLawn Bellevue at 425-217-3671.