Find the Right Decisions in Sports Betting Options

The goal of the game is to become one of the best punters of the week. The principle? Regardless of the sport each winning bet offers you a number of points that accumulate. At the end of each week (from Friday 7am to the following Friday at 7am), the best bettors, i.e. those who accumulate the most points, share a sum of money.

The winner will win 500 euros, while the next 49 will share 1500 euros. In short, this is an interesting opportunity for you to make money on Sports betting, but it’s not the only one. Make a visit to https://toto-rox.com/ for the best deals and that also with the best information.

Live from Sports betting weekend

The principle of “live weekend” at Sports betting is simple. This is to offer free bet on a match broadcast live streaming. Of course Sports betting chooses a star match on which to do this really special operation.

  • The principle is to bet at least 10 euros on this game live during the first half. By doing this, Sports betting offers you a free bet of the same amount in the second period.
  • This means that if you make a bet of 15 euros during the first half of this match, you get a free bet of 15 to bet only live during the second half of this match. If you have correctly analysed this match and the scenario of the match seems readable, there are good opportunities to seize with this offer “live weekend”.
  • However, live betting is dangerous especially for beginners. They are more reserved for experienced bettors who are rigorous in their analysis and who know how to keep their cool.

The online sports site Sports betting 

This is the big innovation launched by Sports betting in April 2019. The principle? Sports betting lets you combine up to 6 bets for a single match. Take the example of a PSG game for a league match 1. If you wish you can for example be able to combine the victory of PSG with M’Bappé scorer and over 2.5 goals for the game.

  • This will allow you to have a much higher rating than playing these bets in singles. But beware, even if the bets are on the same match it remains a combined. This means that one of the bets does not pass, so that the handset falls into the water.
  • Bookmakers including Sports betting already offered combined bets for a single match, but only certain combinations were available. For example, Paris SG wins and more than 2.5 goals in the match.

With The online sports site it’s the same thing but better, because there you have the freedom to create your own winning combination. If you use it well, this function can make you big. It is in any case an additional asset that Sports betting out of his sleeve. Clearly to test.