Make Waste Disposal a Hassle-Free Process by Hiring Experts

If you are confused about how to manage your waste disposal, then you can take the help of experts who can help you manage the same.

Skip Bin Experts to the Rescue

If this is your first time hiring a skip bin expert in Australia, it is natural to get confused. Here is where you can take the help of companies such as Bleen, located in Queensland, Australia that offers online business directories and service finder services. When you type “skip bin hire” onto their search bar, it will throw you multiple companies that offer these services in your locality.

Now when it comes to skip bin hires, there might be a lot of questions piling up in your head. One of the common questions is why do you need skip hire?

  • It is a hassle-free process
  • It saves time and energy
  • Skip bins are the easiest method of disposing of huge waste
  • Skip bins are available in different sizes as per your requirement
  • It helps in protecting the environment

The next immediate question that would arise would be how to determine what size of skip bin would you require? The answer to this depends on why exactly do you need skip bins.

Skip bins can be used for:

  • Home Renovation
  • Evacuation projects
  • Demolition
  • Relocation

Skip bins are measured in cubic meters (m³). You can check with skip bin hire listings from Bleen on the size of your skip bin depending on your waste disposal.

Some of the common skip bin measurements are:

  • 2m³ – Suitable for single room renovation and can hold up to 8 wheelie bins
  • 3m³ – Suitable if you plan on relocating. Can easily accommodate 2 trailers or 8 wheelie bins
  • 4m³ – Suitable for minor renovations. Can accommodate 4 trailers or 16 wheelie bins
  • 6m³ – 8m³ – Suitable for medium renovations. Can accommodate 6 – 8 trailers or 24 – 32 wheelie bins
  • 10m³ -15m³ – Suitable for large renovations. Can accommodate approximately 10 – 15 trailers or 40 – 60 wheelie bins
  • 20m³ – 25m³ – Suitable for larger renovations or clearances. Can accommodate approximately 20 – 25 trailers or 80 to 100 wheelie bins
  • 31m³ – This is used for earth dumping or commercial projects. Can accommodate approximately 31 trailers or 125 wheelie bins

Segregating Waste Can Help Utilize Skip Hire Services Better

It is always better to contact your skip hire company from your Bleen listings and enquire about the type of waste they allow for disposal. This will help in managing your waste better. Skip bins cannot be kept anywhere. There are certain places allocated by the homeowner’s association wherein you are permitted to keep these bins.

Secondly, it is always better to opt for more than one skip bin. This makes it easier on your pocket. You need not dump all your waste in skip bins. Some of the waste can also be recycled, thereby helping you contribute to the environment. Ensure not to overfill your skip bin.


Do not wait until the last minute for the skip hire company to arrive for waste disposal. Fill your waste in advance to avoid confusion and delays.