The link between the global economy and job market

The current global economy is going through a crisis at the moment and the effect of this is very much evident in the job sectors. The major job sectors that mainly includes the industrial sector and the manufacturing sector is currently going through a crisis. Thus the youth generation around the world is currently facing problems regarding these job facilities. However there is one day of hope that is still very much alive for the younger generation around the globe which is data science sector. Now as per the reports from eminent global agencies the data science sector is all set to provide more than four lakh jobs in the next year only.

The data science sector in India- The present and the future

Now, if you look at this sector in India, you will find out through many institutes are giving out the data science training course offers at this time. Still, the students rather say enthusiasts are very limited in this field. This is the very reason why though India is all set to generate more than one lakh jobs yearly from the next year still the sector has not seen the growth or exposure that it supposed to have found in India. There are however few things that you need to take into account before you go on with enrolling yourself in a data science training institue. Firstly, you will need to see whether the institute has world-class faculty or not. The next thing is that you will need to see whether the experience of the faculty members is enough or not. Lastly you will need to make sure that the training institute gives scope for placements as well. Apply for data science course in Bangalore to know more

Get in touch with the best data science training institute

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