What are the average GRE scores to get into MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology)?

Massachusetts Institute of Technology or MIT is the world’s leader in imparting higher education and research in Engineering and Physical Sciences. Many of its esteemed courses find the top position when it comes to fields like engineering and physical sciences. The location of this prestigious research university is in Cambridge, Massachusetts. It has five schools which include the School of Science, Engineering, Architecture and Planning, Management as well as Humanities, Arts, and Social Sciences.

MIT is a dream destination for most engineering graduates who want to take their academic skills and research notches higher. However, the esteemed university has cutting-edge criteria for admission to its courses. The average GPA and GRE scores for an average student will not be sufficient to apply for enrollment to its courses. Remember, the institute has a minimum acceptance rate of 8% and that brilliant students from all over the world compete for admission to its programs.

Any student applying for admission to MIT needs to have an excellent academic background and remarkable work experience. The research work or extracurricular contribution should stand out from the others for the consideration of your application. Apart from a great GRE result, the student has to excel in other aspects of the application as well. It means you should have good letters of recommendation and a well-designed SOP or Statement of Purpose.

MIT is exceptionally competitive for graduate applicants. It means that the average GRE scores are also very competitive. On average, all those candidates admitted to the institute have their GRE results range from about 155 to 163 for Verbal and 155 to 167 for Quant. Many programs require scores in 160s or more, or the top 10-15 percent.

MIT GRE scores also vary as per the program that you have taken. It is necessary to have a higher quant score for Engineering than for life sciences. You also need to have an excellent GPA, which should be more than 3.8 out of 4.0. The table given below shows the various GRE scores required for multiple programs at MIT.

V: Verbal     Q: Quant   AW: Assessment Writing
Program Avg. GRE Scores
Aeronautics and Astronautics V: 162
Q: 167
AW: 4.5
Biology PhD V: 163
Q: 164
AW: 4.7
Brain and Cognitive Sciences PhD Unavailable
Chemical Engineering V: 161
Q: 164
AW: 4.7
Chemistry PhD Unavailable
Civil and Environmental Engineering V: 90th percentile
Q: 90th percentile
AW: 4.5
Earth, and Planetary Sciences V:163-167

Q: 161-165

Electrical Engineering and Computer Science PhD V: 157-161


Materials Science and Engineering Unavailable
MBA V: 90th percentile
Q: 90th percentile
AW: 4.5

Mechanical Engineering




Microbiology PhDOptionalNuclear Science and EngineeringUnavailableOperations ResearchUnavailablePhysics PhDUnavailablePolitical Science

V: 166-170

Q: 158-162

Real Estate Development MSV: 155-160
Q: 155-160Social and Engineering Systems PhDMinimum
V: 157 (150 for nonnative English speakers)
Q: 159
AW: 4.0Technology and Policy of MSRecommended
V: 90th percentile
Q: 90th percentile
AW: 90th percentileUrban Studies and PlanningMinimum
Ph.D.: 308 (V+Q), 5.0 AW


  • Here “unavailable “means there is no specification of minimum GRE scoreson MIT’s website.

As is clear from the above table, you can quickly identify that the GRE score range is very high for most of the programs at MIT. The students have to keep this in mind and prepare accordingly. It is always advisable that you keep a check on the average GRE result for your desired program and then set your target for preparation. Also, remember that admission only based on good GRE scores is not possible. Other aspects of the admission application should also be actively taken care of by you.