10 Popular Beach Clubs in Bali for Your Holiday Reference

Bali is indeed a very pleasant destination. Besides having various culinary delights, cool natural attractions, unique culture, Bali also offers a cool Beach Club!

For those looking for a place to relax or hang out, the beach club is the most appropriate place for you to visit while in Bali. At the beach club, you can enjoy a 5-star beverage restaurant. While chilling here, you can enjoy beautiful beach views with music that makes a mood booster.

So instead of wondering where the cool beach clubs are in Bali, let’s take a peek together. Let’s go

  1. Finns Beach Club

Finns Beach Club is indeed very famous for local tourists and foreign tourists. This is because the Finns Beach Club located in the Berawa Beach area is different from other beach clubs in Bali.

So here, you can feel the traditional feel and the modern concept into one. This place is usually always crowded in the afternoon because tourists who come are generally looking for a seat to relax. While waiting for the sunset, you will be pampered with music that makes your mood improve.

  1. Ku De Ta

This beach club is indeed booming and has become an instagramable spot among celebrities. This is because Ku De Ta has an interesting beach club concept, which combines a beach lounge, bar, and restaurant into one. Can you imagine how cool this Ku De Ta Beach club is?

So instead of being curious, you can come to Jln. Kayu Aya No.9, Seminyak, Badung. While at Ku De Ta, you can enjoy Dj music imported directly from abroad. While enjoying the DJ music that rocked this beach club, you can taste mouth-watering world-class dishes.

  1. Ulu Cliff House

The Ulu Cliff House beach club, designed directly by Shed Londo and Bali’s Design Assembly, is perfect! They showcased the beauty of Palm Springs was a hit in 1950.

Now at Ulu Cliffhouse, you can enjoy various classy dishes in the style of a 5-star restaurant and drink beer at the bar. The dishes at Ulu Cliffhouse are not ordinary because the words here are cooked directly by the best-experienced chefs.

While enjoying the best dishes at Ulu Cliffhouse, you will be spoiled with DJ music. Ulu Cliffhouse is recommended for you to visit with friends, loved ones, and this is an unforgettable experience, of course!

  1. Sundays Beach Club

Sundays Beach Club, which is located on the beach, has a beautiful view and is very famous for its watersports that always delight visitors. Sundays Beach Club, which is located in the Pecatu area, always makes anyone want to linger because you can sit back while enjoying cocktails and music that will improve your mood. If you’re going to enjoy the sunset, then Sunday’s Beach Club is a recommended place. You can sit relaxed on the beach while waiting for the sunset to arrive.

  1. Tropicola Beach Club

Tropicola Beach Club, which is in fifth place, is indeed very hits and becomes an instagrammable spot. The Tropicolal Beach Club, which is located on the beach, is openly designed. Uniquely, visitors can see how pizza is made directly because the kitchen in the restaurant is deliberately opened so that visitors can see how exciting pizza is made.

Besides being able to see pizza making, you can swim or just take pictures with the exotic view of Seminyak Beach. While you are here, you will also be spoiled with DJ music that rocked the Tropicola Beach Club.

  1. Vue Beach Club

Vue Beach Club,s located in the Lv8 Resort and Hotel area in Canggu, is very interesting. This Beach Club is decorated stylishly, modernly and has an infinity pool that seems to blend with the beach. That’s why it’s not uncommon for Vue Beach Club to be the best instagramable photo spot in Bali.

Here you can relax on sunbeds and daybeds while enjoying a glass of cocktail with entertaining classy DJ music. Vue Beach Club is also recommended for those who want to find a fun place with a partner or friends.

  1. Potato Head Bali

Potato Head Bali is indeed the most famous Beach Club in Bali. Potato Head Bali, a restaurant & beach club, offers a fun pool party with an exotic beach view.

In addition to making visitors feel at home for long at Potato Head Bali, you will also be spoiled with DJ music that entertains visitors. Usually, tourists here enjoy a beer by the pool and sit back while waiting for the sunset to arrive.

  1. Manarai Beach House

Manarai Beach House,s located in the Nusa Dua beach area, has an interesting concept. The design was made by the Ismaya Group and Manarai Beach House openly so that tourists can enjoy the beautiful stretch of Nusa Dua beach while relaxing on lounge chairs covered with umbrellas.

Manarai Beach House also has lots of instagrammable spots, and of course, you will be spoiled with DJ music while relaxing when you are here. Can you imagine how exciting the activities at Manarai Beach House are?

  1. La Brisa

La Brisa, which is simple in design, gives the impression of being instagrammable and vintage. It really makes anyone feel at home hanging out for long. You can enjoy a variety of dishes provided at several restaurants in La Brisa.

The design of La Brisa is filled with wooden furniture that directly blends with the pool, garden, and bar which adds to the perfect atmosphere. Here you can enjoy cocktails while waiting for the sunset to arrive. You won’t be bored because the DJ music at La Brisa is very entertaining. Especially if you go to La Brisa with friends, it’s guaranteed that your holiday experience will be unforgettable!

  1. Omnia Bali

The Beach Club discussed last is indeed very beautiful because Omnia Bali is located on a hillside in the Pecatu area. Omnia Bali is felt worldwide recommended for those of you who like places to chill out because you can swim in the Infinity Pool while enjoying cocktails with views of the open blue sea.

No wonder Omnia Bali is the best beach club in Bali and the best place to hang out. Even people from all over the world will come to Omnia Bali just to enjoy the fun and beautiful scenery.

While at Omnia Bali, make sure you take pictures at The Cube, the famous icon here. Besides taking pictures, swimming, and drinking, all visitors here will be entertained with classy DJ music and ready to rock Omnia Bali.

Whether your trips take you on a long stroll on beaches, delicious cuisines, relaxing spas and resorts, or urban attractions, additional research will give you the best experience for your visit. Get to know more about Bali by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.