5 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Lake Toba

Indonesia has several exciting destinations to go to across the archipelago, but Lake Toba was in the limelight for some time now. Why? Discover a few attractions to escalate the beauty of Lake Toba as it is believed as the “Monaco of Asia”. With this particular project, the construction of infrastructure and facilities, such as access roads, entertainment facilities and service facilities for travellers, will be Read more about usa attractions map developed and improved.

Needless to say, better facilities will draw more travellers to go to Lake Toba, but that doesn’t mean the big all-natural lake doesn’t have an appeal all of its own: here are five reasons to visit today before the crowds descend.

World’s Largest Volcanic Lake

According to research undertaken by the Michigan Technological University, Lake Toba has been shaped by an explosion which happened around 73,000 to 75,000 decades back. It, ironically, also noted as the most massive eruption in the world that led to the extinction of 60 percent of the human race. This reason alone is enough for anyone who wants to see the place.

Unparalleled Beauty

For people who want to find natural beauty, Lake Toba is the answer. Why? The lake is a beautiful body of water surrounded by beautiful hills. The environment that appears is flora and fauna, overgrown with pine and palm trees with wild animals like monkeys, orangutans, langur monkeys and tapirs.

Samosir Island

Lake Toba is also famous for Samosir Island, situated directly in the centre of this lake. The island also provides myriad cultures and arts, and travellers will find the opportunity to see traditional Batak homes, in addition to the way to weave North Sumatra’s typical cloth, known as ulos.

The Mysterious Doll

Meet Sigale-gale, the native statue to Samosir Island. The dolls are made from wood and could be seen dancing throughout a Batak ritual. Not only that, but Sigale-gale dolls also have spiritual importance and mysticism: they are sometimes seen dancing throughout funerals, for instance.

Yummy Food

It’s gourmet heaven at Lake Toba because there are plenty of Medan delicacies provided in the area. We urge sitohap porridge, a staple of the Silalahi clan, that has lived on the shores of Lake Toba for decades. It is made out of ginger, candlenut and andaliman as well as sitohap leaves which grow in the forests surrounding the region. The porridge can be enjoyed with slices of chicken and crackers. For dessert, people should try out lapet: a typical Batak cake that’s ordinarily moulded in a pyramid wrapped in banana leaves. The cake consists of grated coconut and coconut rice then steamed–also even a fitting dessert for afternoon tea to be appreciated while glancing in the enchanting vista of Lake Toba.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, food, accommodation, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Lake Toba by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.