6 Ways To Surprise Your Wife And Let Romance Spark Again In Your Marriage

Your wife is your true partner in crime. No matter what life throws at you, she always stands by your side like a loving life partner. When you saw her walking the aisle on the wedding day, you knew that she is the one whom you want to love forever. Although love was the sole driving force then, it has only grown with time, but the romantic flame in the relationship has been dimmed by a busy lifestyle, hectic work schedule and innumerable responsibilities. Well, today is the day to make her feel like a newlywed bride again and make her day as romantic as it was on honeymoon. You shouldn’t wait for a special occasion to make her feel loved but turn this ordinary day into a special one with an unforgettable gesture of romance and love. Here are a few suggestions that will make her smile all day long.

1. The Handwritten Letter

Write a heart-stealing love letter to your better half and mention every detail that you have come to love about her. Appreciate her in the most romantic way possible. Handwritten love letters are the perfect token of love to showcase the romance brimming in your heart. It will make her eyes shine with love and make her fall in love with you again. Use pretty printed paper, preferably perfumed.

2. The Heart Shaped Cake

Surprise her in the middle of the night with a heart-shaped cake in her favourite flavour and let the mouth-melting slice of cake do the magic of reminding her of your sweet affection. You can choose for cake delivery in Gurgaon, Pune or any other major city of the country through a reputed online bakery and let the love flourish in the sweetest way possible in the middle of the night.

3. The Homemade Meal

Cook for her! If the way to a man’s heart goes through his tummy, then women too are in love with the mouth-watering taste of her favourite delicacies. You don’t have to go over the top with the dinner arrangements, main course, salad and dessert will do just fine. Prepare the table in a fancy manner with candle lights and red or white table cloth and have a date that you haven’t been to with her in a long time.

4. The Family Invitation

Invite her family over for dinner and become her hero once again. She might not get as much time with her family as you do, and she would love to spend some quality time with them reliving all the childhood memories and having heartfelt conversations. Inviting them over will send her the message that you treat her family as yours too just like she loves your family and cares for them.

5. The House Chores

Let her rest for the day and do whatever she does around the house. Make her feel like a queen and take over house chores from her. She will be delighted to have a day all for her and will definitely wonder, how did she get so lucky. Step into her shoes for a day, and you will end up appreciating her even more than ever. To stir things up, you can ask her to relax in a spa or salon while you do everything around the house.

6. The Lunch Time

Call her up and tell her that you will be picking her up for lunch together. Grab a quick bite at her favouriteplace or of her favourite cuisine and drop her back at the office, leaving her alone with nothing but beautiful memories. Rest assured, she will spend the whole day smiling for no reason, and nothing will be able to spoil her mood anymore.

Your lovely wife would love to be pampered now and then. Pair each of these suggestions with a bouquet of her favourite flowers and earn the title of “Best Husband Ever” real quick.