7 Must Visit Museums in Bangalore for Kids/Family

It is a wonderful thing to see something of the past, in front of your eyes. This is only possible in a museum which is typically a repository of our past and what has manifested into the present. We have been blessed to have something like this for us to go witness and experience. Families and kids should take advantage of this and go visit the various museums showcasing science, history, arts, aeroplanes among other things that are there in the beautiful city of Bangalore. It makes for an extremely fun day with the family and also proves to be a great learning experience for the entire family, not just the kids.

The next time when you are looking for a day outing in Bangalore, check out these museums and have a great family day out!

  • Government Museum – the second oldest museum in South India, this museum was established in 1865 by the Mysore State. It houses a large collection of coins, arms and weapons, artefacts, paintings and jewellery from the past. This is also the place where the Halmidi Inscription which is the oldest inscription in Kannada that can be found. Kids will love the large collection of coins that were used by the ancient civilisations of Vijaynagar, Mohenjodaro and Halebid. Make sure to take a tour guide when you visit here as he will be able to guide you through the various parts of the museum and help in elevating the learning and the entire experience of the place.
  • HAL Aerospace Museum – one of the things that all kids are amazed by from a young age are aeroplanes. This aerospace museum is the perfect place to visit for all the young boys and girls who often look up at the sky in wonder whenever they hear an aeroplane passing by. It is the second biggest HAL Museum in India and has various life-size model of planes and copters that are manufactured and designed by the company itself. The museum also has an aero modelling club along with a library that gives you in depth details about the history of aeronautics in India. Keep aside at least two hours if you want to take a proper tour of the entire museum.
  • Karnataka Chitrakala Parishath – for everyone and anyone interested in the arts and drawing, this place is a must visit. It has galleries devoted to famous Indian and International Artists like Dr. Krishna Reddy, Nicholas Roeric among others. It also has a separate section that is dedicated to traditional Mysore paintings. People visiting the museum can also take part in the various hobby classes that is conducted there from time to time.
  • Folk Museum – also known as the Janapada Loka, this Karnataka Folk Museum is a showcase of the village folk arts that can be found in the state. It has artefacts that were used by the tribes in Karnataka and an auditorium that has masks and costumes along with live shows of folk dances and folk fights. It also has a souvenir shop where one can buy wooden toys and crafts made in Chennapattana.
  • Legends Motorcycle Museum – why should boys have all the fun right? This vintage motorcycle museum along with a cafe is equally fascinating for girls as it is for boys. One can witness bikes that go back to the post world war-II era and be awed by all these beauties. It also houses some of the heaviest and oldest bikes like the 1924 BSA 250 cc, a Cezeta 1962 and the 1942 Norton 500 cc.
  • Jawaharlal Nehru Planetarium – managed by the Bangalore Association for Science Education Society, this place has a sky theatre, a science park and an exhibition hall that has photos and models of the solar system, astronomical phenomena and planets on display. It also hosts a lot of events for kids during the holidays which you must check out.
  • Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological Museum – this museum is a unit of the National Council of Science Museums and is a must visit for anyone who has an interest in science. The museum has artefacts of Edison’s Phonograph, the mechanical calculator, a reaction turbine and the steam wagon. It also has different exhibits like the engine room, the fun sciences room and dinosaur exhibits which kids will love.

In case you want to make the whole experience into a mini vacation then there are a number of family resort in and around the city like Discovery Village which has a number of facilities like trekking, cycling, rappelling, zorbing, camping, karaoke nights, barbeque and bonfire among others which the kids will thoroughly enjoy after an entire day of learning. Make sure to check this out in case you are interested!