A Brief Information About Laboratory Hot Air Oven 

There are multiple lab devices, but the use and application of the Hot Air Oven signify its importance in the laboratory.

What Is Hot Air Oven? 

Hot Air Oven Is  Electrical Device That Is Used For Dry Sterilization.  It Is Able To Be Operated From 50 To 300 ° C,  But It Is Depend On The Brand. 

Dry heat sterilization is a complete method of controlling microorganisms in the lap. It employs better temperatures between 160-180°C and exposures time up to 2/3 hours, depending upon the  noticeable temperature employed.

Hot Air Oven Parts   

There are multiple parts in that. Such as, 


  • A Fan
  • An Insulated Chamber Surrounded Via An Outer Case Containing Electric Powered Heaters.
  • Shelves
  • Thermocouples
  • Door Locking Controls
  • Temperature Sensor


How Hot Air Oven Works?

Starting with the, 


  • The Double Wall Insulator Keeps Heat And Maintains Power, And The Inner Layer Is A Poor Connector And A Metal Outer Layer. 
  • The Air Stream Fan Helps Inside The Uniform Distribution Of Warmness. These Are Prepared With Wire Cabinets Which Are Adjustable Or The Aluminium Trays. It May Have An On / Off Switch. 
  • Temperature-Sensitive Tapes Or Biomarkers That Use Bacterial Germs May Be Used To Manipulate The Effectiveness Of The Tool Throughout Use.


Purpose of Hot Air Oven 

Purpose of hot air oven is for the sterilisation of the dry heat. Dry heat kills by using Oxidation, Protein Denaturation and poisonous effects of elevated ranges of electrolytes.

Features of Hot Air Oven 


  • Wide Temperature Range
  • Double Walled Construction
  • Validation Points
  • Consumer Friendly
  • Digital Temperature Controller
  • Protection Parameters
  • Mineral Wool Insulation
  • High-Quality Imported Circulatory Fan


There are many hot air oven dealers and hot air oven suppliers, so before you go to choose to understand the purpose, compare price and features. This is important to check everything before you purchase.