A Piece Of My Furbaby: 3 Factors I Considered On Getting Cremation Jewelry In Singapore

As a first-time fur mum, I never really knew much about cremation jewelry in Singapore for our furry friends. I was busy mourning and grieving that planning my little darling’s funeral ceremony never occurred in my mind, but that was also one of my biggest mistakes as a fur mom. The death of my pet was probably one of the most painful decisions I had to face. Although it can be hard to accept, preparing for a pet funeral is also vital. Their veterinarian will ask you about your plans for their body. Being unprepared often leads to a hasty decision made at the height of painful emotionand, a decision that you may later regret.

I was so clueless and naïve about handling my fur baby’s loss. Luckily, a friend recommended getting cremation ashes jewelry. The provider produces diamonds from ashes, giving me the opportunity to honour and forever remember my little furry darling. When I opted for cremation jewelry in Singapore, I came across some factors that helped me find the right piece for my furry friend. Read on to know some of my considerations.


The thing with diamonds from ashes is they can be of different designs. When choosing one for your furry baby, pick a style that matches their preference and personal taste. My jewellery is a bracelet with his paw print and some peaches (because that’s his favourite fruit!) on the modern pendant. Likewise, you may also consider putting their paw print or any favourite item, which can be a toy, food, or place!


When focusing on the piece you want, think of your comfort. I opted to have a necklace for ashesbecause that is what I’m most comfy wearing. If you really love rings or bracelets, you may also get them. Some types you can consider for cremation ashes jewelryare pendants, charms, keychains, or even earrings!


Diamonds from ashesultimately shine the most because of their customisation features. Yep, you can make it unique for you! You may choose to have a simple engraving, inlaid birthstone, or other styles that match your furbaby’s liking. Beyond this, think of their favourite shapes, colours, and symbols.

When selecting a piece of cremation jewelry in Singaporefor your little furry friend, I highly suggest looking at all available styles and types the provider offers. There are countless cremation ashes jewelry options, with a necklace for ashes being one of the most popular choices. I also suggest planning ahead for the practicalities of losing your pet. Doing so can help you cope with the stress and anxiety when the time comes. It’s a responsible way of facing and dealing with a painful reality. It also allows you to evaluate and prepare for all the factors involved in such a big decision.

If you’re looking for a cremation jewelry provider in Singapore, I ordered my necklace from Algordanza! They offer a subtle yet unique remembrance of my little furry darling. Consider them for cremation ashes jewelry!