All That You Must Know About Sports Betting


Nowadays online sports betting are becoming quite popular. Looking at the online betting system, the participants can now know the pattern and as a result, people get the opportunity to win good money by making certain strategy.

UFA too promotes betting for various sports held at national and international level, where people from various parts of the world participate. Following are few terms that one must understand while participating in the sports betting:

Negative progression system

Usually losing is considered to be negative, however in betting you need to increase your stake whenever you lose. This way, often you can compensate the losses of your previous betting.

Martingale staking plan 

This involves betting more whenever you lose. As an example, you initially bet for $100 and lose, next time you double the bet and continue doing that for successive bet till you win.

Your risk can be high but gain can be substantial.

D’Alembert betting theory

Here the strategy is similar like Martingale strategy; however you must increase your bet clearly so that you may not lose all your bankroll.

Every time you lose, increment in your bet by 1 base unit till you win. Whenever you win, decrease your bet just by 1 base unit.

Labouchere betting system

Here you split your bet into number of wager amounts. Wager amounts will be the units totalling the amount you want to win. 

If you keep on losing, then you will keep adding the wager until the end. In case you win, you will cross off first and also last units.

Insurance betting system

Here you start with bet say $50 and chosen $5 as the unit. If you lose then reduce the bet by $5 like $45, $40, $35 and so on. It will protect you from losses but may not win all your losses back.

Paroli formula

Double your bet every time you win, if you win 3 times in row, and then drop your bet to base stake. While losing simply cut the bet to base stake and then use it till you win again.

Positive progression systems

Raise the stake for every win, rather than every loss. However, if you are continuously losing then may not win back all your losses. If your wallet is limited then be careful.

Parlay system

To successful use of this method, you will need to select winning team for each option that you have selected. This will make your odds higher and you will definitely increase your chance of losing, however when you win your profits will be much sweeter.

Fibonacci system

Start by selecting your betting unit and always 2 to 3% is recommended. This sequence starts with 0, but ignores it and start with 1. Sequence will be like 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, 34 etc. and so on. 

Your first bet will be like $5 or one unit. If you lose then place second bet too as $5 or one unit. If you lose again then third bet must be $10 or two units. Now if you win then move down to one unit to $5.