Benefits of Hiring Masterwize for the Car Dealership Cleaning

In the retail environment, the store image is too important, especially for the high-end retailers who offer luxury goods like cars. From the merchandise display areas to the restrooms and carpets to the landscaping, you should hire professionals who offer cleaning services on regular basis.

So, are you looking for the best commercial cleaning company that specialises in car dealership cleaning? Look no further than Masterwize!  Wondering why? Scroll down to learn the benefits of hiring Masterwize for the car dealership cleaning!

Benefits of Hiring Masterwize

  • The team of cleaning experts at Masterwize receive in-depth training programs in cleaning and detailing your show room in all aspects.
  • They help you to maintain the high standards and reach your mission and vision to showcase your dealership’s best assets.
  • Masterwize offers emergency service and meet the highly critical requirements of yours promptly.
  • The professionals at Masterwize have received special training in cleaning and sanitising all variations of flooring types, amenities, service areas, sales areas, offices, staging areas, waiting areas, reception areas, and more. So, you can assure that, these professionals will create a meaningful first impression to put your best foot forward.
  • The professionals at Masterwize will give a special attention on clients’ needs and focus on it to achieve the results that they expect.

Show Room Cleaning Services Include 

  1. Cob web removal
  2. Upholstery cleaning
  3. Post special event cleans
  4. External area high pressure washing
  5. Management of hazardous chemicals
  6. Removal of waste and recyclable materials
  7. Wiping down all counters, cabinets and appliances
  8. Dusting of all display areas and cabinets
  9. Disinfection of all surface areas in offices, showrooms, bathrooms, and kitchens.
  10. Specialised carpet deep cleaning and shampooing
  11. Internal and external window cleaning of building
  12. Detailing of showroom floors
  13. General cleaning and maintenance of showroom floors (tiled, hardwood, vinyl, polished concrete)

How Do the Charges Work at Masterwize?

Your car dealership has to shine! Are you looking for the dependable cleaning crew for the deep cleaning services at affordable prices? Contact Masterwize, and schedule your appointment now! You can rely on them for a cleaning service guarantee and services at affordable prices! Masterwize charges at discounted rates for their clients who use their services regularly.

So, no matter whether you are looking for professionals to clean your dealership once a month, once a week, each day, or any other frequency, hire Masterwize. Their skilled professionals specialises in cleaning services and completes the service at the most affordable pricing on a timely basis. By hiring them, you are not only saving your money in the long run, you are also giving your customers the best buying experience