Car doors locked and keys inside? What to do, Do I ask a locksmith?

A roadside service professional is also a car locksmith, who often opens locked doors. Especially if the engine is running, the doors can always be opened. As a rule of thumb, the older the car, the easier it is to get in. New cars also have their own constitution. You will need the best options there and we understand that. This is where the best choices come up for you.

Are the car doors really open without a key?

Yes it is. Road service mechanics and locksmiths have different ways and means to open the doors. At its fastest, car doors open in tens of seconds. For professional reasons, we do not go into details about the methods to prevent burglars from getting tips. When it comes to the services, you can get more info  right here now.

What options do I have?

Are you in a hurry?

Call and ask for a roadside assistance professional. He often manages to open a car door without a key. There may also be a problem with the battery that is defective and does not provide power to the central locking system.

No hurry

Get a spare key for your home. If you are further away, ask your relative or acquaintance to retrieve the car keys from your home. He can send them to you, for example by bus, as a service.

What if there is an emergency and the doors need to be opened immediately? Break the window?

If there is a person in the car who has an illness or a distressed baby or young child, then it is wise to break the side window. Do not break the smallest side window as it is often the most expensive to repair. It’s not a good idea to break the windscreen, because it is difficult, even dangerous, to drive to the repair shop. Remember that in a real emergency, you can always call the emergency number 112 and ask for help.

Are there any first aid measures?

In winter, the lock may be frozen. You can try warming the lock point gently with a minigrip bag with warm water (not too hot). Be careful not to allow water to leak into the lock. Finger warmers also work. We do not recommend a hairdryer or the like as it can damage the delicate paint on the car. We do not accept liability for any damage. We always recommend the help of a professional.

What if nothing helps?

In this case, it is advisable to tow the car to an authorized service center. There, the issue will be resolved at the latest. You can call towing at 0100 2400.

A tip from a professional to get started

If you leave the keys in the ignition switch, do not press the car door or leave at least the window open. For example, if you scrape the windows and start the car, do not close the door completely but leave it open. This prevents the door from locking inadvertently.