Choosing On the best of Betting

The two best teams in each group advance to the middle round, where group AC is merged in one group and group DF in another. It is expected that Norway will move on to the middle ground with France, even more people fear the match against Portugal. Portuguese handball has made tremendous progress over the past few years and is now claiming internationally at club level as well.

The First Hand Works

Of course, we believe that Norway will continue to play, but as the two teams moving forward take the points from the settlement, the fight against France becomes a big key. Victory here probably adds two points to the middle round, which can be worth gold in the literal sense.

In the middle round, both Denmark (from Group E) and Sweden (from Group F) will probably be waiting together with two other teams. This means that four classmates will fight for two semifinal places, and suddenly Norway is no longer at home. The matches in the middle round take place in Malmö, and here the matches against both Sweden and Denmark will be away matches . Without two points with them (from the France match) we believe that Norway will get it tough, so tough that the European Championship at home will end without medals. In case of the 먹튀 sites this is important.

  • At the betting odds at bet365 you get 8 odds if you think Norway wins the European Championship. That makes Norway one of the favorites , but both Denmark, Sweden and France have lower odds. Which also tells us that the middle part of Malmö will be a real test of manhood for the Norwegian guys.
  • We therefore believe that the fight against France in Trondheim Spectrum on January 12 will be directly decisive for Norway’s European destiny. With victory in that match, the chances are good that Norway will again play with medals. Should the French get away with the victory, we fear that it will be too big a mouthful to beat both Sweden and Denmark.

The difference between Asian and European disability

Many beginners in odds and sports betting refrain from playing games with disabilities, mainly for the simple reason that they do not understand how it works.

In betting, there are various types of handicap games, ie where one of the participants in the sporting event (eg football matches) is given a lead on a certain number of goals / points / el before starting, it is a bit like golf . Especially the Asian handicap creates confusion, but many new players also opt out of the European variant because they do not fully understand the rules.

Handicap betting is not really complicated. The only thing that separates the handicap games from regular betting is, as mentioned, the one team lead before the match starts. In European disabilities, the disabilities are in half sizes (+0.5, + 1.5… / -0.5, -1.5…), while in Asian disabilities there are also quarterly goals (+0.25, +0, 75, + 1 / -0.25, -0.75, -1).

Last Words

In the past, the handicap games were usually reserved for matches where one of the teams was clearly a favorite, but today you are offered handicap odds on virtually all matches you can play, even if there is no major difference in strength on the paper. the teams in between.