Clearabee Beebags Guarantee the Ultimate Decluttering Solutions for Seniors

Decluttering a home is the first step towards making it safer and more comfortable for your aging parents. Nevertheless, the process is complex. But, with the right planning, the proper procedures and help from Clearbee’s skip hire solutions, you can streamline the process and have everything done in no time.

Bear in mind that just like travelling, the act of reaching your destination can be a huge hassle if you don’t have suitable solutions. What’s worse, elderly people tend to get emotionally attached to objects and you’ll find it difficult to convince them otherwise. However, with patience and persistence, they’ll soon see the benefits of enjoying less stress, more freedom, and more space. Even better, you can simplify the process by using Clearabee beebags to collect excess items and follow through on your plans.

Clearabee Declutter Solutions

The Swedish Death Cleaning concept involves going through all your belongings and getting rid of items you no longer want. But it’s not about mopping up or dusting, it’s more of a permanent type of organization which improves the quality of your life. And most people who’ve joined the Tiny House movement implement the concept every day. Nonetheless, even if your parents live in a larger home, by helping them declutter, you’ll make sure they enjoy a liberating and stress-free life. On the other hand, you’re not alone in this. You can contact the Clearabee team or book a skip hire online. Clearbee will send you an offer on the same day. Moreover, your skip hire will be carried out on the day of you specify but delivery times can’t be confirmed. Also, make sure that the area is suitable for an HGV, that it’s clear and access is permitted.

Using the Skip from Clearabee

Clearabee standard skip hire bookings vary in time but they’re usually ordered for a period of 14 days. However, Clearbee has a flexible approach and you can contact their professional team to discuss a longer period. Make sure you only fill the skip with allowed rubbish and up to the recommended level with beebags. Depending on your requirements, you can use different sized beebags. Clearabee offers small bags, which are suitable for up to 1000 kg of rubbish, medium skip bags, which can contain 1,500 kg of waste, large and X large skip bags, which can hold up to 1.5 tons of rubbish. But what are the benefits of using Clearabee beebags? You can enjoy next day delivery, fill them up in your own time, and book a removal time. What’s better, they’re eco-friendly.

What Type of Rubbish Can You Put in A Skip?

When you’re cleaning your parents home, you’ll come across a wide variety of items such as electronics, old appliances, food waste, garden waste, and hazardous products. So, how do you know which you can include in Clearbee’s skip bags? Well, you’ll find that their beebags are suitable for non-hazardous electrical products such as toasters or kettles. But larger items such as refrigerators or washing machines need prior authorization. Bulky waste should be broken down before placing it into the skip, so there aren’t any protruding items. And garden rubbish such as rubble or soil can be thrown in most sizes of Clearabee skips. On the other hand, food waste, hazardous electrical items such as TVs, fridges, fluorescent tubes, monitors, and chemicals or solvents aren’t suitable for a skip.

Wrapping It Up

Clearabee focuses on providing top-quality and high-performance services whenever you need to declutter your home. Also, they have an eco-friendly approach to rubbish removal. The company diverts about 90% of all rubbish collected from the landfills to promote environmental protection. So, to fast track your decluttering process, order your skip from Clearabee, which is one of the major players on the market in the UK.