Empowering the society- Girl child education

The most important thing in society is education for girl childThat means developing the knowledge as well as the skill of girls and women. It includes school, college, professional, sports, technical, etc. Socio-economic change can be brought while educating a girl child. In democratic countries, the rule is education for both men and women should be same.

 The sustainability of society is assured. This makes everyone to realize how much education is important. Government, as well as the non-government, has brought various ways to develop the education for the girl child. Many projects have been launched to bring education to the next stage. There are many ngos in Mumbai which plans to bring girl children up.

The main reason for giving education for girl child is as follows:

Profitable empowerment: If the women are back to men and depend on men helpless conditions can’t be changed. Empowerment and complete independence for a girl can be obtained only when she gets educated.

Development of health: The importance of being strong and healthy can be brought out by educated girls. With the help of education, they can lead to a different lifestyle. Educated women can make their children reach better positions.  

Majestic and honorable: Educated women look more majestic and are as a role model for the upcoming youngsters. This will make them more encouraging to reach more heights.

The choice to select her profession: In a different type of professions, girls can prove themselves to be more strong and powerful. When she offers to be educated and encouraged she can turn into a big cook, doctor, scientist, engineer, etc in any of the fields in which she has an interest.

Early pregnancy and child marriage: more than 15 million girls are getting married in a year without reaching the age of 18. This happens because of the dowry and if the girl gets married she will not be allowed to get educated due to tradition they are set inside home. If got educated before marriage it will be a big tool for the girl to succeed and stand by her own without depending on others by her legs.

Reasons to support education for girl child:

Diminishing malnutrition– educated women will know how to feed their children with healthy food and to support their growth.

Reduction of sexual violence– Educated women or girls will know to stand against sexual violence they will have the guts to fight back against it. But in poor places, girls or women with less education will have fear to fight against sexual violence and they are got trapped.  

The population of educated children– The number of educated children must be increased they must grow up knowing about everything. Women are more likely to gain the education to grow their children especially their daughters. The ngos in Mumbai has shown more interest in bringing the girl child to get educated.

Bottom line:

There are now more methods for a girl child to get educated. On the above-mentioned content, the past and the current scenario of women and girls are explained. Hope you understood the power of education to be given to a girl child.