Features of Virtual Phone Systems

Little mobility over the phone numbers is provided by the traditional business phone system. The business phone with a traditional phone number works on a single and only one phone at a time. Generally, it was like a landline or a voice over internet protocol phones that will not work with the help of analog signal instead of work over the internet. Necessarily, it is required to be at your place of the business and secondly, to receive and make the calls, you need to present at your place of the business.

On the other side, Virtual Phone Systems are not attached with a single phone or a landline. These phones are cloud-based and able to route calls to any device that you select. Such devices include wired phone, landline, cell phone, computer or any other device. It is possible to receive all the calls at any device at the same time. It is a number that discover to travel with you at all locations. It is convenient to the business as it will work anywhere and on any device.

The flexibility of the Virtual Phone System is hard to find with the help of traditional phone system. Another point of attraction is that you have as many as you want or need. With the help of a single business number, setup number of local numbers as many you want and also set up different numbers for a particular department or have a number of toll-free numbers. Moreover, Virtual Phone number is also added to the official website of the business and it allows customers to call directly to the number from their device. The owners of the business derive substantial value by using their personal cell phone for their business. In addition to this, no need to buy an additional or separate device. It allows business to connect with their customers through text is your business caller ID. It also maintains the privacy of the personal phone number. Besides this, it looks professional. The incoming calls and text messages have a different look as it separates your personal and professional life. Hours of business can also set on your phone system so customers rings only when you want it.

There is no text message feature in Traditional Business Phone Systems. Moreover, the owner of the business stay connected with their business through some additional features such as text messaging with their team members as well as customers. Some other professional features are also available with the Virtual Phone Systems such as Virtual Receptionist, Call tree, Auto-attendant and many more. But these functions are only used by the large scale industries as these are more expensive to maintain and setup as well. Other features such as adding welcome greetings, route calls to specific colleagues, customization of call routing pattern, provide access to the directory of the company and so on. At last, talk about the compatibility. Then, devices such as laptops, mobile phones, tablets, VoIP office phones and landlines are compatible with these phones from providers like Mightycall and Google voice alternative.