Foreign Driver’s License- Things You Need to Know About That

While traveling abroad, many of you want more adventure just by having a road trip. You can drive your own car, or you can also go for any car rental service to rent a car and set on a journey. But, to make this journey ultimately possible and free from any legal hazards, you will need a foreign driver license. Your driving license is just for driving in your country. To get access to driving in a foreign land you are going to need an International Driving Permit (IDP). Today, you will get to know about certain important information about a foreign driver’s license. Read on to know more-

What Is an IDP?

An IDP or International Driving License allows you to drive around 174 countries along with the US. You can only get your IDP once you are a permanent resident of the US and you are above 18 years old. Besides that, you must have a driver’s license. Remember, having an IDP doesn’t ensure that you can drive freely in any country around the world. You can get to drive only in those countries where your IDP permits. Once you get an issued IDP, remember, it is only for a year. Check out Auto Village for used cars.

How to Use Your IDP?

As you know that your IDP is valid only for 174 countries around the world. So, you need to check out the list of those countries to know which the enlisted ones are. Also, you must have your own driving license as your IDP is not proof of your driving skill. Here, you need to remember that an IDP can only offer the permit to drive in the enlisted foreign countries. There are no additional benefits, like privileges, discounts, etc. are provided by an IDP. So, if anyone ensures that they can help you get IDP with all additional benefits, they are scamming you. Stay away from them.

How Is IDP Issued?

IDP can only be issued from AAA or AATA if you are in the United States. You need to provide your two passport size photos, a valid driving license, and the fees of the IDP to get it.

So, here you get what IDP is and what the importance of this special licensing system. Now, driving in a foreign country is easy. If you want to take any job in any foreign country, with IDP you can get the opportunity to drive there without any problem. It’s always worth Searching for used Mercedes car prices on AutoVillage.co.uk