Full House Poker Hand: How to Use Variations and Value to Win

Each of us at least once in their life watched the following picture on TV: the player who collected the Full House poker, sits with a smug face and is very surprised when the opponent opens a Four of a Kind or Royal Flush. Fortunately, in reality, this happens quite rarely.

The difference between an experienced player and a beginner is that the first one is distinguished by the ability to correctly use the Full House combination in poker and squeeze the maximum out of it.

About the Card Combination: Its Value and Variations

The combination consists of five cards: three of the same value and pairs. This is one of those combinations in which all five cards can participate.

Often there is a game situation when one Full House is inferior to weaker Full House. When two players at the same game table have FH, seniority is determined by the top three. The winner is the player whose combination has a stronger three.

But what to do in a situation where both combinations of FH have a similar three?

In this case, seniority is determined by a deuce, starting from the above principles. Example: a hand with three tens and two queens is stronger than a hand with three tens and two jacks.

Probability to Get Full House

Full House is considered one of the strongest combinations in poker, but the probability of its formation in poker is much higher than, for example, Four of a Kind. Below we present the mathematical calculations of the combinations:

Pocket pair – the probability of forming this combination of cards on the flop is 1%;

Two different value cards as pocket cards – 0.1% on the flop;

The three on the flop increases the probability of the formation of the combination on the turn to 13%;

With a three on the flop, the probability of collecting a Full House in poker before the river is 30%;

With a three on the turn, the probability of collecting a combination before the river is 19.5%;

With two pairs on the flop, it is difficult to assemble the Full House to the turn. The probability is 8.5%;

With two pairs on the flop, the probability of this combination forming before the river is 16.5%;

Two pairs on the turn lead to a probability of 9% that the player will collect Full House before the river.

As practice shows, with a long stay at the gaming table, you can get the Full House several times.

Which Combinations Can Full House Beat and Be Beaten By

Full House poker can beat Flush, Straight, Three of a Kind, Two-pair, One-pair, and High-card. Full House is also weaker than Four of a Kind, Straight Flush and Royal Flush.

When analyzing a hand, you always need to consider which of the above-mentioned ways the combination was assembled, because this is what defines which Full House is stronger. Based on the information received, you can build a further strategy in poker.