Get to Work with The Best Hurom Slow Juicers

Hurom comes with excellent slow juicers in the market since opening its doors in 2005. Today, they dominate the market with a variety of juicers, especially with the Easy Clean Juicer. No other brand offers such Easy Clean juicers that allow users to scour juice extractors quickly. Besides, the design stands out more so on its small size, which is elegant and functions correctly. The company website hurom.com offers several juicing appliances, but here are the best Hurom slow juicers to choose from.

Hurom H101

Also referred to as the Best Hurom Juicer in 2020, Hurom 101 incorporates an easy to clean feature that separates itself from the rest. Such a feature is facilitated by the absence of a conventional filter basket often found in many vertical slow juicers. Besides, the Hurom 101 slow juicer can produce juice from any fruit or vegetable. It can also be used as an ice cream maker and milk machine with nuts. It is the leading masticating juicer in the market today.

Hurom HZ

Before Hurom 101 came into existence, the Hurom HZ was equipped with raw juicing power to extract juice from fruit and vegetables. It is among the Alpha Series featuring a sleek design and enhanced extraction power. It is a great kitchen appliance from Hurom that comes with fantastic accessories such as tofu press, fine strainer, attached lemon squeezer, and coarse strainer.

Hurom HH Elite

The Hurom HH Elite is another exclusive slow juice extractor from Hurom and incorporates a fresh design of vertical slow juicers. However, it is a bit slower with 43 RPM instead of 80 RPM but efficient. The speed is meant for improved extraction primarily for leafy vegetables and any kind of fruit. The Hurom HH won the best slow juicer of 2018, among other awards due to its design.

Hurom H-AA Alpha

With Hurom HZ being boxy and metallic, Hurom H-AA Alpha brings a sexy and vibrant design to the kitchen. It is available in different colors; matte black, white, and rose gold to suitable consumer taste. Functionality is quite similar to the two Hurom Alphas but lacks accessories such as citrus attachment and stainless steel design. With this, it is quite cheaper compared and affordable.

Hurom HP

Unlike most slow juice extractors from Hurom, the Hurom HP is the most basic as it lacks extra features that make other slow juicers unique. Yet, it is the best as it doesn’t compromise on quality and juicing nutrient-dense juices. The chamber can hold up to 350ml of juice extracted essential when looking to obtain a full glass of juice at a go. Regardless of its simple design, it is cheaper and adorable. There are also different colors of the Hurom HP slow juice to suit different kitchen colorings.

Lustrous design and efficient functionality are what Hurom is meant for when looking to extract the perfect juice from any fruit or vegetable. Other than juicing, there are amazing accessories and additions functions to enjoy with these juicers. That said, more information regarding different slow juice extractors can be found at hurom.com.