Here’s How To Fix A Scratched Rim

Functional and aesthetically flexible, rims are a defining part of any automobile. These are the outermost part of the wheels and are where the tires are attached. Many car owners invest in making theirs look top-of-the-line, but as these things — together with the wheels and tires — endure the harshest of conditions (e.g. They run into a curb, they drive over messy road debris), it’s inevitable for them to get scratched. 

Think of your car rims as your shoes. They are essential on your travels… in getting you to your destination. However, as you traverse more roads, they become dirty and naturally undergo wear and tear. You either have them polished or you get a new pair. 

If you own a Benz and you’re looking for 17 inch Mercedes rims for sale because your old set has been scratched and, well, already looks aged, you might want to think again. There are some DIY cleaning tricks you can try to make those scratched rims as if they’re brand new. We’ll be giving you a walkthrough about this topic through this blog post. 

Materials you will need

Here’s a quick rundown of the things you will need to clean your rims: 

Dish soap


Soft cleaning towels

Paint thinner

Masking tape

Masking paper

Coarse and fine sandpapers

Scuff pad

Automotive spray primer

Automotive spray clear coat or sealant

Step-by-step procedure

Before considering buying those 17 inch Mercedes rims for sale, check out these instructional guide on how to remove scratches from your old set of rims. 

Clean your wheels and remove all grease, dirt, and debris. Before doing any sanding or spray-painting, you need to wash your wheels clean first. Do this using a sponge and a dish soap. 

Scrub the affected area with a towel poured out with paint thinner. Make sure you use a lint-free cleaning towel when doing this step. This will make it easier for you to remove the scratch later on. 

Cover the surrounding area with masking tape. To ensure you’ll only be sanding the affected area, you need to protect the surrounding areas with masking tape. 

Sand the scratches until they’re smoothed out. Check if the damaged part is already smooth, as well as any edges that might have been cut or jagged. After sanding using the coarse sandpaper, use a scuff pad to gently scuff around six inches around the damaged area. 

Protect your tires and wheels by covering them with masking paper. This is to avoid the paint from affecting other areas other than the damaged ones. 

Apply three to four coats of spray primer. Using the same color of your rims, spray a light coat of paint (or lacquer) to the area being fixed. Be careful not to spray on the un-sanded area. If you notice bumpy spots, let the paint dry first before sanding them down using fine sandpaper. If you’re already satisfied (and the primer has already dried out), use a sealant for protection. 

Lastly, remove all masking papers and tapes and let them dry overnight. Clean them off and wipe away any dust and debris using a clean towel.

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