How Do You Wear An Oversized Shirt?

You are probably asking yourself the question: what is oversize? It is a flared garment, voluntarily enlarged compared to its original shape. This summer, the oversized t-shirt floated with the swimsuits. Now, the trend is taking off from Yishion mens fashion and gaining a more classic garment: the shirt.

“It started on the catwalks (fashion weeks, editor’s note) last year. And generally, it announces what will happen in ready-to-wear the following season,” says Laureen, stylist and personal shopper. This fashion has taken hold for several months now. The first “fashionists” have brought “a vintage side by going out with oversized denim jackets.”

A Few Codes To Avoid The Fashion Faux Pas

Be careful, though when wearing men oversize tee! For this type of piece, there are codes to follow to avoid fashion faux pas. The oversize “goes especially to tall and thin.” For people of smaller size, bet on the following combo: an oversized shirt at the top, a slim fit at the bottom. It is always necessary to “counterbalance,” explains the professional. A rule that works for both men and women. It is necessary to favour “thicker materials,” such as velvet or wool, for overweight people.

How to dress it all? Depending on whether you go to work or go out, you can happily mix genres. Beyond jeans or slim pants, there is the choice of shoes. Two basic options are available to you: the sneaker or the ankle boot. Be careful, here too, an elementary rule: “Do not hide your shoes.” Visually, it does not pass. If you hate having your ankles locked in, no problem: go for a lower pair but roll up the hem of your pants.

On the jacket side, the advice is also to take an oversized cut. A trench coat, a mesh, or an oversized cardigan will do the trick. On the other hand, gentlemen, avoid the slim-fit blazer. The cut of the shirt would lose its charm, and you would not necessarily feel comfortable.

What Trendy And Elegant Look Is With An Oversized Shirt?

We understand that to find THE oversized shirt of your dreams, and you are spoiled for choice. To learn the trend gently, it is still better to opt for a relatively classic white shirt – namely the essential of this trend -. Converted essay?

We don’t hesitate to vary the pleasures by treating ourselves to XXL coloured, striped, paisley-patterned shirts, etc. As for materials, it is better to favour cotton, but if you are comfortable with the trend, you can also try other options such as linen, very summery, satin, more precious, etc., only to compose the outfit!

Wearing the oversized shirt as a dress is one of the best options to embrace the trend, provided the length of the shirt allows it! If it is relatively short, we put on flat sandals or sneakers; we avoid belting the waist under penalty of further shortening the dress! If it is longer, you can opt for heels and underline its waist with a belt (thin or medium but not too imposing). Search for best places to shop for clothes in Singapore.

Transform his oversized shirt into a jacket or over-shirt to put on over any look to make it even sharper. This look works exceptionally well with oversized denim shirts, lumberjack style flannel shirts, and khaki-coloured shirts. For this style, we prefer a slightly thick and fluid shirt held without being too rigid.

Find the right combination according to the seasons and the occasions. The oversized shirt goes with everything with raw jeans, suede mini-shorts, or even a short skirt. But to counterbalance its ample and voluminous side, we prefer to associate it with either short or curved pieces that create contrast like an A-line skirt, straight jeans, belted shorts.

  • Combining an oversized shirt, belt, and sneakers
  • Wear the oversized shirt as an over-shirt
  • Combine XXL shirt and short shorts
  • A trendy street looks with a loose shirt
  • Belting the oversized shirt to create a glamorous dress
  • Tie it to emphasize the waist
  • A simple little dress with an oversized shirt
  • Wear your oversized shirt like a jacket for a sharp look
  • Oversized shirt and jeans, a winning combination
  • Match the length of her shirt with that of her skirt