How to avoid Fraudulent Online Poker Sites

It is important to learn a little about the characteristics of online poker sites that often commit fraud against members. This article is made to reduce the number of victims of fraud perpetrated by irresponsible persons. Make sure you always register in trusted platforms like situs poker online idnplay.

So don’t wait anymore, and check for these signs before registering.

There are no contact details

To be able to communicate with several members, online gambling agents will generally use contacts such as BBM pin, WA number, telephone number or other contacts, but unless you feel a gambling agent who does not have a contact number that can be contacted can be confirmed that the agent is a fraudulent gambling agent.

Did not serve 24 hours non-stop

Characteristics of poker gambling agents who cheat do not have satisfactory facilities, such as no customer service facilities, live chat and other facilities that can serve 24 hours. The sites will never answer to the concerns of the users.

Few members

Because it does not have the responsibility of serving with satisfying service because many members who do not feel at home and choose to leave in a place to avoid betting on online poker gambling fraudsters.

Winning funds are not paid

The most prominent characteristic of cheating poker gambling agents is the non-payment of withdrawal or withdrawal funds obtained by members who win poker games. This can be felt except after you make a change of the victory chip coin but after you wait for the funds that are not liquid, you can confirm that the withdrawal funds that are missing were taken away by the fraudulent gambling agent.

There are paid provisions at registration

In placing online poker bets you must have an account id for registration. On registering to become a member of online poker gambling agents, you are not charged any fees. But except for the fact that you feel the gambling agent who withdrew the funds when registering are the fraud gambling agents.

Bonus Promotions are not paid

In attracting some of the members, poker fraudsters will generally add a large bonus promo that is even more irrational. That may attract the attractiveness of some members who get excited and happy to place bets on the agent the promised bonus is not paid because the bonus is a bonus promotion.

These are the features of the Online Poker Agent. The above-mentioned cheats are some of the most common features. Some cheating poker sites are only related to some of the features above. They are usually great at covering up some of those features so you might be fooled. Take a look at poker sites, and do not easily believe in what you are promised, nor can you easily believe what you see in the eyes of poker sites. Therefore always register in safe and trusted platforms like situs poker online idnplay or other properly reviewed sites. So do your best to understand the sites before registering.