How to Choose the Best Indoor Lights for Your Home

Lighting for Your Home: Which Light to Choose Room by Room

Fewer LEDs in the living area and warmer lights in the bathroom, here are the best solutions and the main mistakes to avoid for proper home lighting.

Choosing the right indoor lights can create a whole new atmosphere at home, make a room more welcoming or, on the contrary, create a place that wards your guests off. A good lighting mix can affect the atmosphere and your mood in that space. Did you know, for example, that using an excessive number of LEDs in the living room can make it less relaxing and consequently disturb your rest? In the bathroom you should instead avoid a too cold light because it can create the annoying effect of “aging” of the skin when you look at yourself in the mirror. Technology is always welcome as long as you still consider the visual comfort and the nature of the various domestic environments. That’s why you have to pay attention to the type of lighting that is used for your home design, avoiding errors and unnecessary waste.

The living room

The help of a lighting professional is always recommended to avoid mistakes that could undermine the right atmosphere at home. The best choice is to rely on a lighting designer from an interior design firm or custom lighting company, like Showsun Lighting.  Generally speaking, it is essential to know a series of solutions that improve well-being at home: in the living room it is always better to avoid a ceiling light in the middle of the room with some wall lights, because you will end up creating a scattered lighting that does not illuminate your room effectively. In the TV area, a common mistake is to focus on lighting fixtures recessed to the ceiling or placed on the wall near the screen, without considering that you often do not watch the TV in the dark and such light sources can create annoying reflections on the screen. If there is an open space in the house, you should focus on lighting that defines these different areas: the reading and relaxation area from the one where you eat. In the living room and dining room, it is essential to illuminate the table, but you should avoid using colored light because it distorts the perception of dishes and creates glare. Moreover, in the relaxation area of the house, you should always choose a warmer light between 2,700 and 3,000 degrees Kelvin.


The kitchen

When choosing the lighting of your kitchen, you must always keep in mind the different functions of each room: you should have different lighting between the area where the food is prepared from the one in which it is consumed. In the kitchen, it is essential to use more lights on the stovetops, the washing area, and the cooking surface. You do not need a very cold light; it is advisable not to exceed 4000 degrees Kelvin. In this environment, the aesthetic component must conciliate with the functional aspect. For those who have designed an open space kitchen – where you can eat around the stovetops – it is suggested to concentrate the lighting on the snack surface, leaving the rest in dim light, so to differentiate the kitchen area from the living area. With chandelier pendant lights hanging a light on a table or kitchen island, the recommended distance from the bottom of the light to the table or island surface should be between 70 and 90 centimeters. Size can also make the difference so that a smaller light can go lower while a more important light can be moved higher.

The bathroom

The best lighting design for each room is the one that provides different light sources according to the various functions, coming from different directions and that contemplates the best light bulbs for that room. In the bathroom, there are countless different activities that may require different lighting, from general cleaning to personal hygiene, from relaxation to getting ready. For general room lighting, ambient light is usually enough. Using a ceiling lamp, for example, will create a diffuse glow in the bathroom but may not be very flattering on one’s face. In the bathroom, you should avoid too cold light because it can create the annoying “aging” effect of the skin when you look in the mirror. It is therefore always recommended to add light strings around the mirror to help you shaving or putting make-up on. Moreover, having the lights connected to a dimmer can be the ideal solution to satisfy the different functions and avoid the annoying glare of light in the morning or in the middle of the night.

The bedroom

Lighting a room seems like a child’s play: just put a chandelier, connect it to the electrical system, and you’re done. But often many underestimate how important lighting can be important for daily psycho-physical wellbeing. We all need to rest but the bedrooms today have turned from sleeping spaces to multifunctional rooms, so designing the right lighting can be difficult. In the bedroom, a central chandelier is always recommended, which creates a uniform glow in the entire room. This makes it perfect for everyday activities such as dressing, cleaning and tidying up. If there is also a study area in the bedroom, you can opt for slightly higher dedicated lighting, between 3,000 and 4,000 degrees Kelvin which is colder and helps concentration. For those who love to read in bed, directional lamps on the wall or the bedside tables are always advisable, provided they are well shielded so as not to risk the displeasing glare effect or to annoy a possible partner. If you have a walk-in closet, it is essential to think about a unique LED lighting, with motion sensors to save money, so you can choose your outfits carefully before going out. Besides, it is always appropriate to use a dimmer that allows you to adjust the light intensity to create different lighting effects for those who want to create a romantic atmosphere and those who need more light.

Where to find the best crystal lights

When you want to play safe with the indoor design of your house, the best option is to opt for crystal lights or other custom lighting options. By doing so, you can adjust the lighting of your home as you wish and at the same time bring home those fancy chandelier pendant lights you have always dreamt of. Showsun Lighting is a highly-recommended custom lighting company specialized in indoor light. They can create all types of indoor light textures and crystal hanging lights based on your needs and your desired design. Contact them now to order your new custom chandelier, you’ll love it!