How To Choose The Perfect Office Chairs

It’s incredible how wide the price range of office furniture is. After seeing the price tag on luxury, highly adjustable office chairs, you might wonder if you’d be better off just buying everything from an outlet shop or auction. But before you head to the discount store, take a moment to consider the benefits of high-end office chairs.

Office work and health – choose a comfortable office chair.

 Although it seems safe to work at a desk, we are not at risk of injury – in fact, the sitting position is not conducive to our health and can harm the spine in particular. It is important to ensure good posture, which is easier to achieve with an unsuitable office chair. 

Uncomfortable and not adapted to our height and figure. We then expose ourselves to persistent pain, postural defects, degeneration, or curvature of the spine. Sitting in the wrong position also makes us feel worse at work, irritable and nervous – often without realizing that the reason for this mood is simply an uncomfortable chair. Remember that office work also strains our bodies, especially if we have been doing it for several years. In addition to a healthy, balanced diet and physical activity, you can help yourself by choosing professional office furniture that will protect you from unpleasant ailments.

Good office chair – what does it mean?

A good office chair for computer work must provide complete comfort. It would be best if you felt comfortable when sitting down on it. At the same time, it is worth remembering that we are all different: we have different heights, builds, body proportions, and needs. When choosing a chair, we must consider the differences in our bodies.

If you feel that you don’t yet know everything about office chairs, we invite you to read our practical guide on How to choose an ergonomic office chair?

Quality is also important. The durability of our furniture depends on it. But it doesn’t stop there – because much more depends on quality. It defines the solutions you can count on in specific models from top manufacturers. If you bet on proven and respected brands, you can be sure that the money you spend is invested in refined technology, top-quality materials, and solid workmanship.

How to choose a chair for your height?

The easiest way is to go for a model with height adjustment. Such functionality will allow us to adjust the settings specifically to our expectations. In most cases, office chairs have many more adjustment options than just height. Armrests, headrests, backrest tilt, and even the level of seat extension are adjustable. With such a package of possibilities, you will easily get a setting where many hours spent sitting will not take a toll on your well-being, spine, and health.

Good to know! How do I adjust the height of my chair correctly? The optimum angle of the legs on the ground should be 90 degrees. Adjust the height of the chair to achieve this.

A decent chair often also has the option of setting different backrest positions, depending on what you need at the time. Vertical backrest position when you are typing on the keyboard. Slightly reclined when you need a moment to think in concentration. Or recline more strongly when you want to relax for a few moments.

Comfortable computer chair – a difficult choice

A comfortable computer chair can mean something different to everyone. There are as many preferences as there are users. Certainly, health is an important selection criterion. After all, we only have one spine. Sedentary work can seriously strain the back, causing discomfort and making it impossible to concentrate. Above all, it can cause permanent changes to the spine.