How to Spend Your First Winter in LA

If you have just moved to Los Angeles, and you are coming up on the typical winter months of December, January, and February, you may be wondering what your new city has in store for you. Especially if your former city was in an area with a climate that has four seasons, you may be in for quite a surprise.

Ideally, this is a pleasant surprise for you, and hopefully you will be able to enjoy the extremely mild “winter” that southern California provides. So rethink your definition of “winter,” and here’s how to spend your first winter in LA:

Head Outside

While this may seem counterintuitive for people from areas with cold, snowy winters, one of the major benefits of living in LA is the year-round great weather. Since winters are so mild, with temperatures usually in the 70s, you can head out at any time of year.

One fun thing to do in the non-snowy winter is to head to the beach. While you won’t be able to get in the chilly water, and you may need a sweater due to the breeze, you can enjoy sitting on the sand and enjoying watching the ocean (with fewer tourists) or walking along the shoreline. You can also hike outdoors up in the hills for some amazing views. You might also want to seek out a hike that leads to a waterfall for an extra element of beauty in your outdoor recreation.

Head to the Mountains

If you are really craving snow or the feeling of a cold, snowy winter, in Los Angeles, you are only a short trip away from the mountains. You can take a short trip to take in the amazing mountain vistas, just to see the snow. Or you could partake in some outdoor winter activities.

You can ride the ski lift at Mt Baldy to get your snow fix, and the amazing thing is that this trip is less than an hour from the city. If you don’t mind a little bit longer of a drive, you can spend a long weekend at a ski resort, and really make it feel like winter with skiing and other snowy activities. For a three hour drive, you can visit Snow Valley or Mountain High.

Head Indoors

If you want to spend some time indoors during this cooler part of the year in LA, there are plenty of options to enjoy during the winter. You can take advantage of the great dining scene in LA, and grab some winter comfort foods and drinks like ramen and amazing coffee.

You could also spend your winter days wandering new museums, like the Los Angeles County Museum of Art or the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles. You can also check out a new part of the city by planning a staycation.

If you are renting in Los Angeles, and end up really loving your first winter in the city, you may want to plant some more permanent roots. Lucky for you, there are many Los Angeles homes for sale. Whether you love the mild weather and take advantage of the temperatures in the 70s, or you need a drive to the mountains to see the snow you are craving, LA winters have something for everyone.