Importance of CBSE class 8 and class 9 syllabus from the point of your future studies

CBSE is the most widely accepted and prominent education board of our country. CBSE syllabus covers all the fundamental concepts that are required to study thoroughly to avoid difficulty in your higher studies. CBSE class 8 and CBSE class 9 are two classes which need special attention of the students to lay a strong foundation for their future studies.

We often see students study carefully for the CBSE class 10 examinations as it is a board exam. But when we observe class 8 and class 9 students, they study just for the sake of passing the semester examination. This is detrimental as the students will not be able to comprehend the topics covered in class 10 and higher secondary schools.

Class 8 Maths covers some important topics such as data handling, squares and square roots, exponents of power, proportion, graphs, factorisation, cubes and cube roots, which are essential topics to learn if you are planning to take science as your stream in class 11 and 12.

Similarly, class 8 science has introductory chapters on Chemistry, Biology and Physics-related topics which are essential to understand the advanced science topics thoroughly.

Class 9 Maths has introductory chapters on angles, triangles, geometry, coordinate geometry, circles and construction, which are very important topics for the students who want their career as engineers. 

Class 9 science is also important from the point of your studies. Subjects like motion force work, matter nature and behaviour introduces you to physics numericals which many students find difficult. By studying class 9 science thoroughly students will be able to grasp the advanced topics without difficulty.

Competitive examinations:

You can see many instances of questions from CBSE class 8 and class 9 asked in the competitive examinations every year. Questions from social science are asked in the form of current affairs, Maths and science conceptual questions are given as aptitude and reasoning questions. Grammar included in class 8 and 9 is very important for the examinations which include English as a subject.


From the point of your future studies, entrance examinations and competitive exam preparation, students need to learn the concepts involved in CBSE class 8 & CBSE class 9 syllabus. Studying these concepts not only helps you avoid difficulty in the future, but also aids you in scoring good marks in the examination.

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