Instagram and the Importance of the followers

Followers who understand the trick will probably not only stop following the account, but will lose their brand credibility. Thus, converting followers into customers becomes even more difficult. In some more tense situations, it is possible for someone to expose the fraud in the comments and promote a negative repercussion for the profile.

Fake followers don’t generate engagement

Instagram’s most important metric is engagement. It is essential to define the disclosure of your content in your followers’ feed and, eventually, in the “Explore” tab. For this reason, it is on the engagement rate – not just the absolute number of followers in a profile – that brands are based on the time to hire an influencer. As you look for the options to Buy Cheap Instagram Likes  the options are there.

The problem is: this metric never increases with the purchase of followers and likes on the contrary, it decreases. This is because these profiles will not effectively interact with the account, even those that give likes. Post interactions – likes and comments – will be divided by the number of followers to generate the fee. With a high number of followers, the engagement will be low and it will not be possible to stand out on the social network.

The lack of engagement was found in a test conducted. They also hired the bot service and, after two hours, the account already had 412 followers. However, when posting a photo, none of these people liked or commented. The profile reached 1,000 followers the following day, and yet, no one interacted with the publication.

You don’t make money from fake profiles

Despite knowing that fake profiles will not buy  those interested in the service hope to “pump up” the account and thus be seen more by real people. However, this is not true in practice. As stated earlier, your engagement rate drops and this is reflected in less visibility in the feed.

In an experiment done by AdeEpresso in 2016, the online store linked to the Instagram account was unable to sell anything when the company used a bot (with the scheme of following real people). In the previous period, when the profile used good practices for organic growth, there were real purchases.

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