Interesting Information about the Bandung KawahPutih Tourism Area

Besides being a shopping center, Bandung also has many natural attractions that offer exceptional beauty. One of them is the Bandung White Crater tour.

If you only understand the TangkubanPerahu nature tour, you truly have to learn about the Bandung KawahPutih tourist info. Even though you simply read the advice, you will definitely be interested in seeing it.

KawahPutih is a Tourist attraction located in the Ciwidey area, Bandung. This location is a pond formed by the eruption of Mount Patuha that is at an altitude of over 2,090 meters over sea level.

That said, the name Patuha itself originated in the term “Sepuh,” which in Indonesian is called”Old Man.” Then the title”Old Man” shifted to Patuha.

Attempt to see the complete Review below, ensured you will be interested and want to get for the CiwideyKawahPutih tour quickly.

History of this Ciwidey White Crater

The crater we understand is actually the crater of Mount Patuha, but over time people know it as the White Crater.

This place was formed this mountain has two craters from the west and the White Crater we know now.

In the Beginning, the existence of this tourist attraction wasn’t understood from the local community. Its presence was revealed thanks to the efforts of an expert named Dr. Franz Wilhelm Junghuhn.

To the top of Patuha Mountain to run a study. He made it to the top of Patuha Mountain, and from there he saw a pond with water which was green with a burst of lava on it.

Upon this discovery, The Dutch Government which at the point colonized Indonesia created a limestone factory called ZwavelOntginingKawahPutih. Starting from there, its presence became very famous. In 1987, the government began to develop this area as a tourist attraction.

The existence of the Bandung KawahPutih tourism item is of course not separated from the myths which developed in the neighborhood. In early times, the local people strongly considered this location to be very sacred because of its mystical aura.

Then, not a single bird awakens to pass within this area that has been considered haunted. Because in case a bird dares to give it, then the bird will undoubtedly die. According to belief, in the top of the mountain, there are seven graves of priests or ancestors whose titles start with the term “Eyang.” They’re EyangJagaSatru, RangsaSadana, Camat, Ngabai, Barabak, Baskom, and Jambrong.

When Junghuhn visited here, he didn’t see a single bird death. He then requested the local community, they stated the fantasy he had believed up to now.

However, Junghuhn did not think it. Evidently, he managed to reach the top of Mount Patuha and discovered the Ciwidey White Crater. It seems incomplete if we don’t know about the history of how this KawahPutih was shaped. Every organic tourist spot has to have its own legends and legends that make people more interested in its own truth. In addition to the legends and myths that accompany them, there’s also a scientific explanation for how this crater was formed.